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Current Issue

March 9, 2017

  • Veteran Economic Development Leader Lisa Mensah Named as OFN President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Opportunity Fellows Program Kicks Off in Birmingham
  • OFN's Equity Page Launches Today
  • Call to Action: Inspire Congress to Support the CDFI Fund
  • CDFI Bank and Credit Union Study Demonstrates Strong Performance
  • CDFI Industry News
  • And more...

Past Issues

February 24, 2017

  • Join Us to Amplify our Message to Congress: #CDFIsInvest
  • Long-term EQ2 Capital Now Available for CDFIs
  • 25 Named to Inaugural Class of Opportunity Fellows
  • Meet With Your Members of Congress This Week
  • CDFI Industry News
  • And more...

February 9, 2017

  • A Call to Action: Contact Congress Now
  • OFN's Q1 Hill Briefing Report
  • OFN Members Share the #CDFIstory with a New Congress
  • Why CDFIs Must Play a Key Role in Bridging the Racial Wealth Gap Through Business Ownership
  • CDFI Industry News
  • And more...

January 26, 2017

  • Register for Advocacy Day 2017: More Important Now than Ever
  • OFN to Host Congressional Briefing on Capitol Hill
  • Three Lessons from Pay for Success Investing
  • CDFI Industry News
  • And more...

January 13, 2017

  • Wondering What's NEXT? New Fund Set to Invest Equity and Debt in CDFI Innovations
  • Creating Quality Jobs to Fight Income Inequality
  • Collaborate, Connect, and Communicate with Your Network in 2017
  • Get on the Map in 2017
  • And more...

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December 22, 2016

  • Reflecting on 2016 and Looking Ahead to 2017
  • Top 10 Blog Moments of 2016
  • Show Congress What CDFI Success Looks Like
  • And more...

December 1, 2016

  • CDFI Policy Priorities and the New Political Landscape
  • Lead Transformational Change as an Opportunity Fellow
  • Prep for 2017 with CDFI Peers in the Midwest
  • And more...

November 11, 2016

  • Changes in America and the Essential Role of CDFIs
  • Three Inspiring Days of CDFIs at OFN 2016 Annual Conference
  • 2016 Small Business Leader Awardees Reshape Small Business Lending
  • And more...

October 13, 2016

  • OFN Launches CEO Search
  • Annie Donovan Talks Building Resilience to Proactively Respond to Climate and Economic Changes
  • Rethink Capitalization: Innovative Approaches and New Partnerships
  • OFN Board Candidate Interviews
  • And more...

September 29, 2016

  • Rethink Impact: How CDFIs are Changing the Landscape in Atlanta
  • Your Vote Counts: Meet the OFN Board Candidates
  • OFN Members Receive $109 MM from the CDFI Fund
  • Twenty OFN Members to Receive $57 Million in Awards for Affordable Housing
  • Giving Every Child Access to High Quality Pre-K
  • CDFIs and Small Businesses: A Smart Match
  • And more...

September 15, 2016

  • New Pre-Conference Session Provides Disaster Resilience Workshop for CDFIs
  • Traveling Through Appalachia for the NEXT Awards
  • OFN CEO Search Firm Selection Committee Selects Korn Ferry
  • Welcome Back Congress
  • How the Racial Wealth Gap Hurts Small Business Owners of Color
  • Bridging the Inclusion Gap for People with Disabilities at the OFN Conference
  • What Does High Impact Investing Look Like?
  • And more...

August 19, 2016

  • Join Us as we Rethink Community Development
  • Five NEXT Awards Winners Celebrated for Their Innovations in Responsible Consumer Finance
  • Federal Agencies Propose Changes to Programs Impacting CDFIs
  • Election Season Kicks off For OFN Board
  • The Good Work of CDFIs
  • Top 10 Must Dos While in Atlanta for the OFN Conference
  • Impact Investing: A Time for Change
  • PIDC Borrower Tour Demonstrates Impact of CDFIs in Philadelphia
  • And more...

July 2016

  • 2016 OFN Conference: Rethink
  • Giving Every OFN Member a Voice
  • House Approves FY 2017 Funding for the CDFI Fund
  • Dory Rand Reveals Insights About Online Small Business Loans
  • Learning the Fundamentals of Opportunity Finance
  • Success Story: Calvert Foundation CDFI
  • And more...

June 2016

  • Voicing Our Opposition to the Duffy-Marino Amendment
  • OFN Leadership Transition
  • Venturize: Connecting Small Business Owners with Smart Financing Options
  • Congratulations to the 2016 Wells Fargo NEXT Opportunity Awards Finalists!
  • A Small Business Finance Forum Recap
  • Spotlight on: Clearinghouse CDFI
  • Advocacy Day Recap
  • And more...

May 2016

  • Wells Fargo Diverse Community Capital Opens Round Two
  • The Small Business Lending Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Get Social for Advocacy Day
  • Countdown to 2016 Small Business Finance Forum
  • Spotlight On: CDC Small Business Finance
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

April 2016

  • Register Today! Strengthening Communities Through Small Business Finance
  • Coming Soon: An Expanded CDFI Connect Experience
  • Get Social for Opportunity Finance!
  • Call for Entries: Participate in a National Small Business Campaign
  • Spotlight On: Maryland Capital Enterprises, Inc. (MCE)
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

March 2016

  • Looking Ahead: The Future of the CDFI Industry
  • Last Call to Join Us for Advocacy Day
  • Public Policy: OFN Briefs Capitol Hill on Importance of Appropriations
  • Spotlight on Local Enterprise Assistance Fund (LEAF)
  • And more...

February 2016

  • Join Us As We Stand Up for CDFIs in D.C.
  • Pinsky Issues Wakeup Call Regarding CRA Mission Drift and Says it is Time to Claim High-Impact Investing
  • Learn from Mission-Driven Small Business Lenders
  • Public Policy: Obama Administration Releases Final Budget, Shows Strong Support for CDFIs
  • Spotlight On: RCAC
  • And more...

January 2016

  • Five Things To Do Now to Get Ready for the 2016 BGP
  • Collaborating to Create Opportunity. For All.
  • Is Your CDFI NEXT?
  • Public Policy: Advocacy Day
  • Spotlight On: Community Works
  • And more...

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December 2015

  • Top 10 Highlights from the OFN Conference in Detroit!
  • Spotlight on: Hope Enterprise Corporation
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

October 2015

  • Conference is Around the Corner!
  • Breakthrough Bond Issues
  • Spotlight On: New Hampshire Community Loan Fund
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

September 2015

  • Celebrating What's NEXT in Consumer Financial Products and Services
  • OFN Conference is the Must Attend Event of 2015
  • Spotlight On: IFF
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

August 2015

  • Register Now for the 2015 OFN Conference
  • Get Your CDFI Borrower Stories on the Big Screens at the Conference
  • How Interning with OFN Changed My Perspective
  • Become an OFN Member
  • Spotlight On: NCIF and PCG Partnership Serves Community Center
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

July 2015

  • Small Business Draws Big Numbers
  • Four Finalists for Wells Fargo NEXT Awards for Opportunity Finance
  • LEAD the Opportunity Finance Industry, JOIN the OFN Board
  • Spotlight on: Homewise, Inc.
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

June 2015

  • 2015 OFN Conference: Opportunity. Made in America.
  • CDFIs Making History
  • OFN's Small Business Finance Forum to Feature New Industry Strategies
  • Ready, Set, Go...2015 OFN Board Nominations Begin!
  • Spotlight On: Montana CDC
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

May 2015

  • Members Advocate on Capitol Hill
  • Sharing the #CDFIstory with Policymakers
  • Network and Learn With Leaders in Small Business Financing
  • Spotlight On: LiftFund
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

April 2015

  • Transformation of CDFI Capitalization
  • Expanding CDFI Coverage in Underserved Areas
  • Opportunity for All: Tools You Can Use
  • Spotlight On: The Disability Opportunity Fund
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

March 2015

  • Get Ready for 2015 Advocacy Day
  • Up Next: CDFI Learning and Networking Opportunities
  • New Data Available in the Side-by-Side Report
  • Spotlight On: Housing Partnership Network
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

February 2015

  • Stretching NMTC Allotments into the CDFI Sector
  • 24 Lenders Chosen Nationwide for Small Business Capacity Building Initiative
  • 2015 Wells Fargo NEXT Awards for Opportunity Finance in a Nutshell
  • Spotlight On: Primary Health Services Center Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

January 2015

  • 48 CDFI Professionals Selected for 2015 Citi Leadership Program for Opportunity Finance
  • Tips for Making Internships Work…for You and Your Interns
  • Consumer Financial Services are NEXT in 2015
  • Spotlight on: Chi Ishobak Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

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December 2014

  • Because Equity Summary Report Invites Exploration into Defining Equity as an Industry
  • Talent Development for the Opportunity Finance Industry’s Future
  • Congratulations to OFN Board of Directors Committee Members!
  • Spotlight on: Florida Community Loan Fund Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

November 2014

  • Recap: Best Conference Ever
  • CDFIs Making History
  • The Campaign is On!
  • Fundamentals of the Opportunity Finance Industry: Certificate in Community Development Finance
  • New Board Members
  • First-Ever Small Business Leader Awards
  • Spotlight on: OBDC Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

September 2014

  • Congratulations 2014 NEXT Opportunity Awardees!
  • Exciting Highlights at the 2014 OFN Conference
  • The Campaign is On!
  • New CDFI Fund Capacity Building Initiative
  • Spotlight on: Hawaii First FCU Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

August 2014

  • Impact Seven: The 2014 NEXT Seed Capital Awardee
  • Register Now for the 2014 OFN Conference
  • OFN Issues First Ever CDFI Bond
  • Small Business Leader Award Selection Committee
  • Spotlight on: Entrepreneur Works Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

July 2014

  • 2014 NEXT Opportunity Award Finalists Announced
  • Nancy Santiago Negrón Joins OFN as New CEAO
  • Opportunity Finance Practitioners Head to Class
  • OFN Submits a 2014 CDFI Bond Guarantee Application
  • Spotlight on: Working Solutions Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

June 2014

  • Building Capacity for Small Business Lenders
  • Now Accepting Nominations for the OFN Board!
  • OFN’s Membership Growth Continues
  • Spotlight on: Midwest Housing Development Fund Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

May 2014

  • A Replicable Model for CSR
  • FY2014 CDFI Bond Guarantee Program
  • Applications Open Small Business Financing Events
  • Learn, Join, Lead: OFN’s Board of Directors
  • Spotlight on: Craft3 Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

April 2014

  • Countdown to DC: Advocacy Day Is May 21
  • Demand Is Up: 4Q13 Market Conditions
  • OFN Expands Coverage
  • Register Now: Small Business Finance Forum
  • Spotlight: Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

March 2014

  • Take the Youth Opportunity Pledge!
  • CDFI Boot Camp
  • New Member Q&A: Helen Smith-Godfrey, Shreveport FCU
  • OFN on the Road: 2014 Regional Meetings
  • Spotlight: Arizona MultiBank Success Story
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

February 2014

  • Q&A: HPN's Thomas Bledsoe
  • Growing Microfinance to Scale Webinar Series
  • Hottest Headlines on CDFI Connect
  • Wanted: CDFI Success Stories
  • Spotlight: Forward Community Investments
  • Public Policy News
  • And more...

January 2014

  • NEXT Awards 2014: The Future of Housing Finance
  • New TA Memo for CDFI Small Business Lenders
  • Financing Community Health Centers Workshops
  • Most Popular Links on CDFI Connect
  • Spotlight On: Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region Success Story
  • And more...

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December 2013

  • Citi Leadership Program for Opportunity Finance
  • NEXT Awards: The Future of Housing Finance
  • CDFIs Featured in the Huffington Post
  • OFN Welcomes Two New Members!
  • Spotlight On: Bethex FCU Success Story
  • And more...

November 2013

  • Recap of the Best Conference Ever!
  • Financing Community Health Centers
  • Side by Side—Now Available
  • Congratulations New Board Members
  • Spotlight On: TruFund Financial Success Story
  • And more...

September 2013

  • Meet the 2013 NEXT Opportunity Awardees!
  • Highlights at the 2013 Conference
  • New Scaling Up Microfinance Webinars
  • The 2013 Campaign is On!
  • Spotlight On: IFF Success Story
  • And more...

August 2013

  • OFN Conference: Many CDFIs, One Purpose
  • 2013 NEXT Seed Capital Awardee
  • Board Elections—The Slate is Set
  • Nominate a Colleague Who Inspires
  • Spotlight On: Craft3 Success Story
  • And more...

July 2013

  • The CDFI Bond... and Beyond!
  • NEXT Finalists Revealed
  • Recap: Small Business Finance Forum
  • Submit Your Board Nomination TODAY
  • Spotlight On: Opportunity Fund Success Story
  • And more...

June 2013

  • Moving the CDFI Opportunity Agenda Forward!
  • Financing Community Health Centers Trainings
  • CDFI Bond Guarantee Program is Open!
  • Survey Results: Financing Healthy Food
  • Spotlight On: Neighborhood Development Center Success Story
  • And more...

May 2013

  • Shape the Future
  • Members Receive $1.08 Billion in NMTC
  • CDFI Fourth Quarter 2012 Market Conditions
  • New TA Memo for Small Business Lenders
  • Spotlight On: Community Loan Fund Success Story
  • And more...

April 2013

  • Join Us for the Small Business Finance Forum
  • Strengthening Small and Emerging CDFIs
  • President Obama Releases FY 2014 Budget
  • Join OFN!
  • Spotlight On: Baltimore Community Lending Success Story
  • And more...

March 2013

  • Join OFN on Capitol Hill
  • Strengthening Small and Emerging CDFIs
  • New CDFI Compensation Survey Report Available
  • Recap: Scaling Up Microfinance Trainings
  • Spotlight On: ACE Success Story
  • And more...

February 2013

  • Help us Create More American Jobs!
  • NEXT Applications Open through March 18
  • Final Scaling Microfinance Workshop
  • Spotlight On: Support Center Success Story
  • And more...

January 2013

  • NEXT Applications Open February 1
  • Higher Education and CDFI Partnerships
  • 10,000 Small Businesses Comes to Philly
  • Now Available! 2011 Side by Side Report
  • Spotlight On: REED Success Story
  • And more...
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