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  • Tony Abraham
  • Douglas Adair
  • Joaquin Altoro
  • Adian Chorley
  • Sheila Cuddy
  • Catherine Dolan
  • Eric Foster
  • Shelia Greenlaw-Fink
  • Mary Houghton
  • Timothy Johnson
  • Mary Ellen Judah
  • Jeff Kelly
  • Kendra Key
  • Marsha Krassner
  • Margaret Lund
  • Francis Lutz
  • Elaine Magil
  • Tom Manning
  • Jerry McGaughy
  • Robert McKean
  • George Mensah
  • John Moukad
  • Jyothi Narayan
  • Cheryl Neas
  • Susan Newton-Rhodes
  • Paula Planthaber
  • Phebe Quattrucci
  • Denise Rinear
  • David Roddick
  • Cliff Rosenthal
  • Helen Scalia
  • Travis Stegall
  • Michael Sullivan
  • Norman E. Taylor
  • Sima Thakkar
  • Emily Tunney
  • Rosa Rios Valdez
  • Jennifer Vasiloff
  • Mary Vasys
  • Sridevi (Shree) Veeramachaneni
  • Stacie Whisonant
  • Sean Zielenbach
  • Organizations

    U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation Ally Type: Organization
    St. Louis, MO

    U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

    Contact Name: William Carson
    Phone Number: 314-335-2600
    Category: Other
    Website: http://usbank.com/cdc

    Services Offered:

    • Tax credit investment
    • Federal and state tax credit syndication
    • Pre-development and acquisition loans
    • Construction loans
    • Permanent mortgage loans
    • Equity bridge lending
    • Warehouse, bridge, loan pool and line-of-credit financing
    • Subscription and warehouse loans to tax credit syndicators
    • Bond private placement
    • Letters of credit
    • Tax-exempt bond underwriting and remarketing
    • Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grants
    • Treasury management


    U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation enables positive financial, social and environmental impacts across the country. As a leading community development investor, lender and tax credit syndicator, we contribute to a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. Our capital commitments help areas that need it the most and have contributed to the creation of commercial economic activity and new jobs, the rehabilitation of historic buildings, the construction of much-needed affordable and market-rate homes and the development of renewable energy facilities.

    UpLift Solutions Ally Type: Organization
    Philadelphia, PA

    UpLift Solutions

    Contact Name: Audrey Fish and Victoria Della Rocca
    Phone Number: 856.471.2008
    Category: Consultant
    Website: http://www.upliftsolutions.org

    Services Offered:

    UpLift focuses on three primary service areas including: Sustainable Food Systems, Health Innovations, Financial Services and Re-entry Workforce Development program for people with criminal records.


    UpLift Solutions is a national nonprofit organization that supports food businesses, government, and nonprofits to create sustainable environments for underserved communities. UpLift Solutions believes that full service supermarkets in underprivileged communities can become the anchor to fulfil community needs and ensure consistent access to fresh, affordable food. UpLift Solutions is able to implement its programs in underserved markets across the country by creating entrepreneurial solutions that empower communities while benefiting all stakeholders involved. UpLift focuses on three primary service areas including: Sustainable Food Systems, Health Innovations, Financial Services and Re-entry Workforce Development program for people with criminal records. UpLift Solutions uses a multidisciplinary approach, leveraging internal assets and expert consultants, to develop comprehensive solutions for our clients. UpLift Solutions has developed a flexible, phase-driven approach which allows us to provide technical assistance and advice on the entire process of establishing and supporting new supermarket developments.

    Urban League of Essex County Ally Type: Organization
    Newark, NJ

    Urban League of Essex County

    Contact Name: Vivian Fraser
    Phone Number: 973.624.9535
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: http://www.ulec.org/

    Services Offered:

    Our programs and services range from programs providing early childhood education, alternative education paths for young adults who have dropped out of school, older workers seeking to reenter the workforce, to housing counseling and employment and train.


    The Urban League of Essex County’s mission is to promote the economic self-sufficiency of African American families and other disadvantaged families. We execute our mission through program services, bridge building and advocacy.

    Venture North Funding & Development Ally Type: Organization
    Traverse City, MI

    Venture North Funding & Development

    Contact Name: Laura Galbraith
    Phone Number:
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://venturenorthfunding.org/

    Services Offered:


    VentureSouth Ally Type: Organization
    Birmingham, AL


    Contact Name: Ray Morris
    Phone Number: 334.804.3244
    Category: Nonprofit
    Website: http://venturesouth.org/

    Services Offered:

    • CREATE: We assist both start-up and mid-life companies by helping them connect with the resources they need.  We don’t just want to help you start a business; we want to help you create and grow a business that is hardy and fruitful.  We have an extensive network of partners that have a vested interest in making businesses successful in Alabama.
    • INVEST: We provide companies with financial options that meet their needs, and we provide technical assistance to help ensure long-lasting success.  From short-term cash flow needs to lines of credit or from small equipment purchases to mortgages for that new building, we are able to match financial solutions to ensure business growth.
    • GROW: We continuously work our businesses to ensure success well after we have made our initial investment or lending of funds.  We provide business counseling and assist with identifying and cultivating the next steps in the business’s life.


    VentureSouth is an innovative approach to investing in small business in Alabama.  We are a nonprofit.  Our mission is to help cultivate and nourish healthy local economies.

    Our Revolving Loan Fund is created with growth in mind: the growth of your business, the growth of local job markets, and the growth of the greater Birmingham region. We work with entrepreneurs to help start or grow small businesses, and we use the interest paid on each new loan to expand the total amount we are able to loan.

    We offer the people and businesses we work with a seed-to-fruit approach.  We are there when the business is just an idea, and we stay with it until it is full bloom.  We offer resources and technical assistance to make ideas into reality.

    Vital Healthcare Capital (V-Cap) Ally Type: Organization
    Verona, NJ

    Vital Healthcare Capital (V-Cap)

    Contact Name: Ken Gruber
    Phone Number:
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://vitalcap.org/

    Services Offered:


    Warner, Norcross & Judd, LLP Ally Type: Organization
    Grand Rapids, MI

    Warner, Norcross & Judd, LLP

    Contact Name: Timothy Horner
    Phone Number:
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: http://www.wnj.com/

    Services Offered:


    Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF) Ally Type: Organization
    Washington, DC

    Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF)

    Contact Name: Harold Pettigrew
    Phone Number: 202-529-5505
    Category: Nonprofit
    Website: http://www.wacif.org

    Services Offered:

    microloans, financing, business counseling and training


    Wacif is a nonprofit community loan fund dedicated to supporting underserved communities in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area by providing flexible loans, consulting and training workshops to community-minded entrepreneurs committed to starting and building locally-owned small businesses and organizations.

    weVENTURE at Florida Institute of Technology Ally Type: Organization
    Melbourne, FL

    weVENTURE at Florida Institute of Technology

    Contact Name: Erica Lemp
    Phone Number: 321-674-7007
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: http://weventure.fit.edu/

    Services Offered:

    business coaching, mentoring programs, train the trainer, business leadership development


    weVENTURE is a small business support organization housed at Florida Institute of Technology. We serve as the leading regional voice and resource for igniting the economic power of women and entrepreneurs. We venture to support small businesses from concept to exit strategy by offering a continuum of services to meet their needs at every stage in a business’s lifespan. We believe in inspiring young minds to be entrepreneurial thinkers. We strive to strengthen the leadership skills of emerging leader women to empower them to become strong business leaders.


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