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  • Dawanda Asberry
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  • Catherine Burnett
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  • Organizations

    Evergreen Business Capital Ally Type: Organization
    Seattle, WA

    Evergreen Business Capital

    Contact Name: Patti Kibbe
    Phone Number: (206) 577-1437 or (206) 577-1431
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://www.Evergreen504.com

    Services Offered:

    We offer the SBA 504 Loan Program in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Northern Idaho to provide loans for small businesses, We offer an alternative solution for financing commercial real estate and equipment with a life of 10 or more years.


    Evergreen Business Capital is the Pacific Northwest’s leading Certified Development Company (CDC) since 1980. We are a non-profit organization, that supports small business stability, growth, and job creation.

    Experian Ally Type: Organization
    Costa Mesa, CA


    Contact Name: Sue Schroeder
    Phone Number: 714.830.3052
    Category: Consultant
    Website: https://www.experian.com

    Services Offered:


    We live in a world built on data; it is everywhere, growing in power and influence. At Experian we have always believed that data has the potential to transform lives and create a better tomorrow. To do this data needs to be understood, interpreted and the knowledge it holds acted on. We work to do just this: unlock the possibilities that data holds and help people and organizations realize the opportunities held within. Creating more opportunities for more consumers is that the core of what we do.

    Feighan Team Ally Type: Organization
    Washington, DC

    Feighan Team

    Contact Name: Alison Feighan
    Phone Number: 202.506.7688
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: https://www.feighan.org/

    Services Offered:

    Strategic government relations, advocacy, organizing, lobbying


    On April 1, 2015 I launched The Feighan Team (TFT, Inc.), a woman-owned government relations firm dedicated to empowering community development organizations, non-profit institutions and coalitions by providing tactical policy advice, legislative guidance, and the advocacy tools that organizations need to influence policy decisions and impact the legislative process in Washington.

    TFT, Inc. takes a team approach to its work. By becoming an extension of an organization’s professional team we help clients amplify their policy voice in Washington. TFT , Inc. is committed to demystify the political and legislative process and empowering clients to be effective advocates who can educate and influence policy makers - including Members of Congress, congressional staff, White House officials and federal agency staff.

    Filene Research Institute Ally Type: Organization
    Madison, WI

    Filene Research Institute

    Contact Name: George Hofheimer
    Phone Number: 608.661.3740
    Category: Nonprofit
    Website: http://www.filene.org

    Services Offered:

    Research, custom research, product and service development, pilot testing of new ideas, innovation competency development in financial institutions, speaking and advisory services.


    Filene works to strengthen organizations through cutting-edge research, incubation opportunities to test and scale solutions, advisory services to help organizations implement innovation, and host communities and events to connect a community of leaders to improve financial well-being.

    Founders' Impact Inc. Ally Type: Organization
    New York City, NY

    Founders' Impact Inc.

    Contact Name: Tafara Jhamba
    Phone Number: 212.686.1515
    Category: Other
    Website: https://foundersimpact.com/

    Services Offered:


    Founders’ Impact is a uniquely positioned, multi-strategy fund targeted for the benefit of underserved entrepreneurs, mission oriented banks and technologies that enable them to expand their reach and impact within their communities 


    Friedman Associates Ally Type: Organization
    Iowa City, IA

    Friedman Associates

    Contact Name: Jason Friedman
    Phone Number: 319.341.3556
    Category: Consultant
    Website: http://www.friedmanassociates.net

    Services Offered:

    Our core competencies include:

    • Feasibility studies for product and/or market expansion
    • Design and Development of Loan Funds
    • Creation of Financial Products and Development Services
    • Business and Operations plans to guide implementation, growth and sustainability
    • Deep dive analysis of loan fund operations to assess performance and impact
    • Capitalization plans
    • Developing metrics to measure program performance and impact
    • Grant writing support for CDFI, USDA, and SBA applications


    Friedman Associates (FA) is the largest CDFI Consulting Services firm of senior-level practitioners. We are relentlessly dedicated to building the financial and intellectual capacity of nonprofit lenders. Former EDs, Directors of Lending and Development Directors, our consultants have launched start-ups; implemented growth strategies; captured new markets; and raised millions for capital and operations. We have extensive experience in writing numerous CDFI Fund applications.

    FUND Consulting, LLC Ally Type: Organization
    Chicago, IL

    FUND Consulting, LLC

    Contact Name: Manjima Bose
    Phone Number: (773) 281-8845
    Category: Consultant
    Website: http://www.fundconsulting.com

    Services Offered:

    Strategic Planning; Capitalization Planning; Impact Analysis; Market Analysis; Grant Writing; CDFI Certification and compliance


    FUND Consulting is a women-owned firm focused on providing strategic and operational services to community development financial institutions (CDFIs), nonprofit, and government clients nationwide.

    Georgia Cities Foundation, Inc. Ally Type: Organization
    Atlanta, GA

    Georgia Cities Foundation, Inc.

    Contact Name: Perry Hiott
    Phone Number: 678-686-6207
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://www.georgiacitiesfoundation.org

    Services Offered:

    1. Downtown Financing and Rebate Programs
    2. Heart & Soul Downtown Workshop (with Georgia Municipal Association)
    3. Downtown Development Authority Training (with GMA and University of Georgia)
    4.  Downtown Renaissance Partnership Programs (with GMA and University of Georgia)
    5. Annual Renaissance Award


    The Georgia Cities Foundation was established in 1999 as a 501(c)(3) organization. In December 2010, the Foundation was designated as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the United States Department of the Treasury's CDFI Fund. The mission of the Foundation is to assist cities in their community development efforts to revitalize and enhance underserved downtown areas, by serving as a partner and facilitator in funding capital projects, and by providing training and technical assistance.

    Greater Texas Capital Corporation Ally Type: Organization
    Tyler, TX

    Greater Texas Capital Corporation

    Contact Name: Todd Buchanan
    Phone Number: 903.535.9229
    Category: Other
    Website: https://getcdc.org/

    Services Offered:

    SBA 504 Lending


    Certified Development Corporation authorized SBA 504 Lender

    Healthcare Georgia Foundation Ally Type: Organization
    Atlanta, GA

    Healthcare Georgia Foundation

    Contact Name: Michael Sweeney
    Phone Number: (404) 653-0990
    Category: Other
    Website: https://www.healthcaregeorgia.org/

    Services Offered:

    Strategic grantmaking and direct charitable activities in the following impact areas:

    Addressing Health Disparities

    Expanding Access to Affordable, High Quality and Integrated Health Services

    Promoting Health and Preventing Disease

    Strengthening Health Nonprofit Organizations, Programs and Workforce


    Our work is designed to benefit vulnerable populations and underserved communities by leveraging partnerships, resources, and evaluating and applying what works. As one of Georgia’s largest health foundations, we believe partnerships with nonprofit health organizations are key to high quality, accessible healthcare and achieving health equity for all Georgians.