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  • Adina Abramowitz
  • Jim Baek
  • Bettina Bergoo
  • Matt Brewster
  • Sheila Cuddy
  • Jason Davis
  • Barbara Eckblad
  • Sean Elder
  • Allison Freighan
  • Eric K. Foster
  • Naomi Fujiki
  • Jerome Garciano
  • Jayne Giles
  • Lori Glass
  • Nicole Granet
  • Jaycee Greene
  • Sheila Greenlaw-Fink
  • Michael Griggs
  • Sandra Griggs
  • Kent Hartzler
  • Lynne Hoey
  • Mary Houghton
  • Dawn Johnson
  • Tina Johnson
  • Mark Kaufman
  • Clifton Kellogg
  • Marsha Krassner
  • Andy Loving
  • Lisa Lowe
  • Margaret Lund
  • Fran Lutz
  • Daniel Lynch
  • Tom Manning
  • Michael McCreless
  • Cyrus McMillan
  • Jane Morgan
  • John Moukad
  • Brian Nagendra
  • Jyothi Narayan
  • Carol Naughton
  • Cheryl Neas
  • Susan Newton-Rhodes
  • Laurie O'Brien
  • Alan Okagaki
  • Paula Planthaber
  • Pam Porter
  • Phebe Quattrucci
  • Mark Regier
  • Gwen Robinson
  • Cliff Rosenthal
  • Helen Scalia
  • Michael Schaaf
  • Laura Schwingel
  • Al Shehadi
  • Sara Stoffers
  • Regan St. Pierre
  • Bryon Stookey
  • Stella Tai
  • Norman E. Taylor
  • Sima Thakkar
  • Stephanie Thomas
  • Emily Tunney
  • Melissa Vachris
  • Mary Vasys
  • Oye Waddell
  • Thomas Washburn
  • Eliza Webb
  • Ravi Yalamanchi
  • Sean Zielenbach
  • Organizations

    High Impact Financial Analysis, LLC Ally Type: Organization
    Albany, NY

    High Impact Financial Analysis, LLC

    Contact Name: Peter Schaeffing
    Phone Number: (518) 599-0482
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: http://www.highimpactanalysis.com/

    Services Offered:

    Underwriting, Loan Reviews, Portfolio Analysis, Policies & Procedures Consulting


    High Impact helps lenders and investors build and maintain high-performing community development portfolios. We specialize in underwriting and consulting that builds capacity, improves risk management, and increases the efficiency of mission-focused lenders and investors.

    Hispanic Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) Ally Type: Organization
    Kansas City, MO

    Hispanic Economic Development Corporation (HEDC)

    Contact Name: Pedro Zamora
    Phone Number: (816) 221-3442
    Category: Other
    Website: www.kchedc.org

    Services Offered:


    The Hispanic Economic Development Corporation of Greater Kansas City (HEDC) was established in 1993 and is a certified 501(c) 3 not-for-profit Community Development Corporation (CDC). Founded for the purpose of developing and implementing economic development initiatives that would positively contribute to the quality of life for Latinos in the Greater Kansas City Area, HEDC utilizes its designation as a CDC to access various resources and tools while creating partnerships that allow the organization to continue to positively impact the communities it serves. While the HEDC service area is on both sides of the state line, a majority of clients come from Jackson County in Missouri and Johnson and Wyandotte Counties in Kansas.

    Inclusive Prosperity Capital Inc. Ally Type: Organization
    Rocky Hill, CT

    Inclusive Prosperity Capital Inc.

    Contact Name: Kim Stevenson
    Phone Number: (860) 257-2890
    Category: Other
    Website: https://www.inclusiveprosperitycapital.org/

    Services Offered:


    Inclusive Prosperity Capital, Inc. is a not-for-profit investment fund scaling energy financing solutions that channels investment capital to program partners in communities that need it most. We believe everyone should have access to the benefits of clean energy. We can change the conversation in underinvested neighborhoods and underserved markets, helping to deliver Inclusive Prosperity.

    Lake County Community Development Corporation Ally Type: Organization
    Ronan, MT

    Lake County Community Development Corporation

    Contact Name: Marie Hirsch
    Phone Number: (406) 676-5906
    Category: Other
    Website: http://www.lakecountycdc.org/

    Services Offered:


    ounded in March 1995 as a 501-C(3) nonprofit organization, Lake County Community Development Corporation is a certified regional economic development organization providing leadership, community and economic development efforts and addresses growth issues as they affect residents, communities and the quality of life in the counties we serve. The organization hosts Business and Community Development Centers in addition to the Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center, which is also a Montana Food and Agriculture and Cooperative Development Center.

    Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership Ally Type: Organization
    Lancaster, PA

    Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership

    Contact Name: Ray D'Agostino
    Phone Number: 717-291-9945
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://www.lhop.org

    Services Offered:

    Flexible, low cost financing for affordable housing and mixed use projects; first time homebuyer classes and down payment / closing cost assistance; fair housing training and consultation; innovative affordable housing solutions; neighborhood revitalization efforts


    Founded in 1994, the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership (LHOP) is a community-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization created by county and municipal governments, business and civic leaders that is focused on housing affordability for low to moderate income (LMI) individuals and families living and working in Lancaster County. Certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Treasury Department, LHOP also provides a full range of technical and financial services to those seeking to create or preserve affordable housing.

    LEH Consulting Group, LLC Ally Type: Organization
    Albuquerque, NM

    LEH Consulting Group, LLC

    Contact Name: Leslie Hoffman
    Phone Number: (505) 299-3888
    Category: Consultant
    Website: http://www.lehconsultinggroup.com

    Services Offered:

    Operational, business strategy and management consulting


    The mission of LEH Consulting Group is to increase the management and operational capacity of organizations that serve under-resourced communities. LEH is a national consulting practice that works in community development finance, economic development, education, and with social enterprises. In the CDFI industry, LEH offers a range of services that comprise the following: business model analysis and planning; management-level gap staffing coverage; microloan and small business credit department structuring; microloan, small business and consumer loan collections and portfolio management; microloan and small business underwriting.

    Ludwig Center for Community and Economic Development Ally Type: Organization
    New Haven, CT

    Ludwig Center for Community and Economic Development

    Contact Name: Anika Lemar
    Phone Number: 203-432-4800
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: https://law.yale.edu/studying-law-yale/clinical-and-experiential-learning/our-clinics/ludwig-center-community-economic-development

    Services Offered:


    The Ludwig Center for Community & Economic Development (CED) is a clinic based at the Yale Law School that provides free transactional legal services to clients seeking to promote economic opportunity and mobility. CED’s clients include affordable housing developers, community development financial institutions, farms and farmer’s markets, fair housing advocates, and neighborhood associations. CED’s legal services help our clients to expand access to financial services, bring arts institutions and grocery stores to chronically under-resourced communities, break down barriers to affordable housing development in high-opportunity communities, promote access to healthy foods, and facilitate entrepreneurship among low-income people.

    Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corp. Ally Type: Organization
    Youngstown, OH

    Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corp.

    Contact Name: Michael Conway
    Phone Number: (330) 565-0962
    Category: Other
    Website: www.mvedc.com

    Services Offered:

    Lending, Real Estate Development, Railroads


    We are a 501-c-3 economic development organization serving communities in NE Ohio, with a primarily focus on the the Mahoning Valley region.

    Marcus Reinvestment Strategies, LLC Ally Type: Organization
    Bordentown, NJ

    Marcus Reinvestment Strategies, LLC

    Contact Name: Paul Marcus
    Phone Number:
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: http://www.marcusreinvest.com/

    Services Offered:


    Mercy Housing Lakefront Ally Type: Organization
    Chicago, IL

    Mercy Housing Lakefront

    Contact Name: Mark Angelini
    Phone Number: (312) 447-4500
    Website: https://www.mercyhousing.org/lakefront/

    Services Offered:


    Mercy Housing is redefining affordable, low-income housing. We’re a national nonprofit organization that is working to build a more humane world where poverty is alleviated, communities are healthy and all people can develop their full potential. Mercy Housing is one of the nation’s largest affordable housing organizations. We participate in the development, preservation, management and/or financing of affordable, program-enriched housing across the country. We acquire and renovate existing housing, as well as develop new affordable rental properties.


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