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  • Tony Abraham
  • Douglas Adair
  • Joaquin Altoro
  • Adian Chorley
  • Sheila Cuddy
  • Catherine Dolan
  • Eric Foster
  • Shelia Greenlaw-Fink
  • Mary Houghton
  • Timothy Johnson
  • Mary Ellen Judah
  • Jeff Kelly
  • Kendra Key
  • Marsha Krassner
  • Margaret Lund
  • Francis Lutz
  • Elaine Magil
  • Tom Manning
  • Jerry McGaughy
  • Robert McKean
  • George Mensah
  • John Moukad
  • Jyothi Narayan
  • Cheryl Neas
  • Susan Newton-Rhodes
  • Paula Planthaber
  • Phebe Quattrucci
  • Denise Rinear
  • David Roddick
  • Cliff Rosenthal
  • Helen Scalia
  • Travis Stegall
  • Michael Sullivan
  • Norman E. Taylor
  • Sima Thakkar
  • Rosa Rios Valdez
  • Jennifer Vasiloff
  • Mary Vasys
  • Sridevi (Shree) Veeramachaneni
  • Stacie Whisonant
  • Sean Zielenbach
  • Organizations

    Friedman Associates Ally Type: Organization
    Iowa City, IA

    Friedman Associates

    Contact Name: Jason Friedman
    Phone Number: 319-341-3556
    Category: Consultant
    Website: http://www.friedmanassociates.net

    Services Offered:

    Our core competencies include:

    • Feasibility studies for product and/or market expansion
    • Design and Development of Loan Funds
    • Creation of Financial Products and Development Services
    • Business and Operations plans to guide implementation, growth and sustainability
    • Deep dive analysis of loan fund operations to assess performance and impact
    • Capitalization plans
    • Developing metrics to measure program performance and impact
    • Grant writing support for CDFI, USDA, and SBA applications


    Friedman Associates (FA) is the largest CDFI Consulting Services firm of senior-level practitioners. We are relentlessly dedicated to building the financial and intellectual capacity of nonprofit lenders. Former EDs, Directors of Lending and Development Directors, our consultants have launched start-ups; implemented growth strategies; captured new markets; and raised millions for capital and operations. We have extensive experience in writing numerous CDFI Fund applications.

    FUND Consulting, LLC Ally Type: Organization
    Chicago, IL

    FUND Consulting, LLC

    Contact Name: Lolita Sereleas
    Phone Number: 773-281-8845
    Category: Consultant
    Website: http://www.fundconsulting.com

    Services Offered:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Capitalization Planning
    • Impact Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • Grant Writing
    • CDFI Certification and Compliance


    FUND Consulting is a women-owned firm focused on providing strategic and operational services to community development financial institutions (CDFIs), nonprofit, and government clients nationwide.

    Gateway Community Development Fund, Inc. Ally Type: Organization
    Saint Louis, MO

    Gateway Community Development Fund, Inc.

    Contact Name: Erica Dobreff, President /Colleen Hafner, Vice President
    Phone Number: 816.753.0941/ 314.436.7810
    Category: Consultant
    Website: http://www.gatewaycdfi.com

    Services Offered:

    • Consulting in organizational development and strategic planning
    • Consulting to developers of affordable housing, including modeling financial projections
    • Financial and construction draw management
    • Training in compliance and asset management
    • Performance of physical needs assessments for housing developments


    Gateway CDFI provides consulting services, financial products and training to entities serving low-income neighborhoods and their residents in the St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas; filling the need for innovative financing and development services. Gateway also consults with developers of affordable housing throughout the Midwest.

    Georgia Cities Foundation, Inc. Ally Type: Organization
    Atlanta, GA

    Georgia Cities Foundation, Inc.

    Contact Name: Perry Hiott
    Phone Number: 678-686-6207
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://www.georgiacitiesfoundation.org

    Services Offered:

    1. Downtown Financing and Rebate Programs
    2. Heart & Soul Downtown Workshop (with Georgia Municipal Association)
    3. Downtown Development Authority Training (with GMA and University of Georgia)
    4.  Downtown Renaissance Partnership Programs (with GMA and University of Georgia)
    5. Annual Renaissance Award


    The Georgia Cities Foundation was established in 1999 as a 501(c)(3) organization. In December 2010, the Foundation was designated as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the United States Department of the Treasury's CDFI Fund. The mission of the Foundation is to assist cities in their community development efforts to revitalize and enhance underserved downtown areas, by serving as a partner and facilitator in funding capital projects, and by providing training and technical assistance.

    Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation Ally Type: Organization
    Newark, NJ

    Greater Newark Enterprises Corporation

    Contact Name: Steven Gomez
    Phone Number: 973.242.4132
    Category: Other
    Website: http://gnecorp.org

    Services Offered:


    Greensboro Community Development Fund Ally Type: Organization
    Greensboro, NC

    Greensboro Community Development Fund

    Contact Name: Wilson Lester
    Phone Number: 336.256.9358
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: https://www.gcdfonline.org/

    Services Offered:

    Micro-Lending and Technical Assistance


    GCDF serves the purpose of providing financial assistance to small businesses located in Greensboro and neighboring communities underserved by traditional financial institutions, in the form of loans, subordinated debt, and equity investments to enable such businesses to obtain the capital needed to develop an effective business enterprise.

    Our expertise is in small business lending, and capitalizing Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) with sustained development and service contracts. GCDF provides clients with training and technical assistance to support business development and offers small business loans from $5,000 – $25,000 and contract loans from $10,000 – $50,000. 

    Growth Capital Corp Ally Type: Organization
    Cleveland, OH

    Growth Capital Corp

    Contact Name: John Kropf
    Phone Number: 216 592-2343
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://www.growthcapitalcorp.com

    Services Offered:

    • SBA 504 Fixed Asset Financing
    • SBA 504 Fixed Asset REFINANCING
    • Ohio Regional 166 Fixed Asset Financing
    • SBA Community Advantage Real Estate, Equipment, Business Acquisition & Working Capital Financing.


    Growth Capital Corp. was founded in 1982, as a private not-for-profit Certified Development Company, extending financial assistance to local businesses with a focus on job creation and underserved markets in Northeast Ohio. Growth Capital provides creative financing solutions to growing businesses through the SBA 504 and Ohio Regional 166 loan programs as well as the SBA Community Advantage program in conjunction with local bank lenders, assisting nearly 1000 companies and leveraging nearly $1 Billion in small business expansion projects supporting the creation of thousands of new job opportunities to members of our communities, many in underserved markets. Growth Capital is the Number One SBA 504 and SBA Community Advantage Lender in the entire state of Ohio and seeks to be the premier provider of economic development financing in the markets we serve.

    Haa Aani Community Development Fund, Inc. Ally Type: Organization
    Anchorage, AK

    Haa Aani Community Development Fund, Inc.

    Contact Name: Edward Davis
    Phone Number:
    Category: CDFI
    Website: http://www.sealaska.com/what-we-do/economic-development/haa-aani-cdfi

    Services Offered:


    High Impact Financial Analysis, LLC Ally Type: Organization
    Albany, NY

    High Impact Financial Analysis, LLC

    Contact Name: Peter Schaeffing
    Phone Number: (518) 599-0482
    Category: Service Provider
    Website: http://www.highimpactanalysis.com/

    Services Offered:

    Underwriting, Loan Reviews, Portfolio Analysis, Policies & Procedures Consulting


    High Impact helps lenders and investors build and maintain high-performing community development portfolios. We specialize in underwriting and consulting that builds capacity, improves risk management, and increases the efficiency of mission-focused lenders and investors.

    Homes Are Possible Inc, Ally Type: Organization
    Aberdeen, SD

    Homes Are Possible Inc,

    Contact Name: William Deng
    Phone Number: (605) 225-4274
    Category: Nonprofit
    Website: http://www.homesarepossible.org/

    Services Offered:

    Housing Development


    Homes Are Possible, Inc.

    HAPI is a non-profit group of concerned citizens who are committed to empowering individuals, stabilizing families, and revitalizing neighborhoods through a variety of economic and social initiatives. The purpose is to facilitate very low, low and moderate income persons and families in securing and/or refurbishing good quality affordable housing.


    The 5th Central subdivision is just opening. All properties in this subdivision may qualify for a $10,000 or more reduction in lot cost to income qualified buyers.

    Covenants and Restrictions are in place on these lots, which may be purchased for traditional site-built homes or Governor’s Houses.

    All homes are on full basements with two car minimum attached garages. All homes built are subject to Homes Are Possible plan review and approval. No manufactured or mobile homes are allowed, per Aberdeen city code.


    We offer homebuyer education as a service to educate the public as well as a requirement for receiving the HAPI Grant. Classes are held on an as-need basis throughout the HAPI service area, when possible. We help you understand the different assistance programs available in this area. We strive to cover grey areas of home-buying and home-ownership as well as answer questions and allow time for group discussion.


    Currently HAPI has a $3,500 Down Payment/Closing Cost non-forgivable loan for Brown County. This loan is paid back to HAPI interest free at the time you sell your home, take a cash back refinance or transfer title.  Please contact HAPI for further details. Completion of HAPI’s Homebuyer Education course is required prior to closing.

    HAPI has Housing Opportunity Funds available for outside of Brown County.  These funds are in the form of a $3,500 forgivable grant. The income limits are at the HUD 80% AMI per county and household size.  Please contact HAPI for these limits. Homebuyer Education is required for these grants and must be completed prior to closing.

    Rural Development Home Financing

    HAPI is pleased to announce that we now assist you with the pre-qualification packing for USDA’s Rural Development financing. This is the first step to RD loans.

    HAPI focuses its goals based on these four principals:

    • Everyone should have an equal opportunity for a quality home.
    • If people have a chance for ownership they will perform and succeed.
    • As individuals are helped, neighborhoods will be revitalized.
    • Education about home ownership is the key to success and quality of neighborhoods is the job of the community. 


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