On July 28, philanthropist MacKenzie Scott posted an update on Medium.com about a pledge she made last year to donate a majority of her wealth. In her announcement she shared 116 nonprofit organizations her pledge has supported to date, totaling $1.7 billion. Included in the list of recipients are seven OFN member CDFIs:

Scott, who is the former wife of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, said she decided to post the update after reflecting on recent events and realizing her "dividend of privilege" to bring awareness to the leaders and organizations she is supporting and the "tranformative work" they are doing to create impact and drive change globally.

"I recommend these organizations to anyone similarly excited by the idea of empowering leaders well-positioned to accelerate progress. Every one of them is tackling complex challenges that will require sustained effort over many years, while simultaneously addressing consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic," Scott wrote.

Read the full announcement.



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