This month Aeris issues its first impact management rating of a publicly-traded, fixed-income mutual fund:

"Community Capital Management (CCM)'s CRA Qualified Investment Fund has become the first publicly-traded, fixed-income mutual fund to receive an impact management rating from Aeris, the rating and information service for impact investors. The rating was announced at the 2017 Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) Conference today.

While there already exist several indices that use publicly-available information to rank the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of investment funds, Aeris’ rating is the first tool to help investors evaluate impact management—that is, how well a fund pursues and achieves its stated impact goals. While Aeris has been issuing impact management ratings for more than a decade on private, fixed-income funds in the community investing space, this is the first rating of a publicly-traded mutual fund.

“With a ballooning number of funds claiming to have positive environmental and social impacts, CCM was eager to participate in a third-party validation of our impact performance and metrics,” said David Sand, CCM’s Chief Impact Investment Strategist, who also serves as a member of the Aeris board of directors. “Social impact is core to our mission as our Aeris rating demonstrates and we are excited that the CRA Qualified Investment Fund is the first public mutual fund to receive an impact management rating.”

Read the full press release here


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