CDFI Fund Director Annie Donovan delivered a keynote address to the OFN Conference on Thursday. Lisa Mensah, OFN President and CEO, introduced Director Donovan saying, “During times which are tough we need leaders like Annie to do what’s needed to increase economic opportunity.”

During her keynote, Director Donovan provided insights into the impact of CDFIs based on CDFI Fund data and what she has seen in person. She also provided an update on the changes to the CDFI Program applications.

“When I look at the big picture…I am certainly very inspired. CDFIs are providing affordable financial services and loan products to people with low-incomes and low credit scores to help them find the path to financial stability. CDFIs are reaching the far corners of our economy…breaking down barriers, doing the things others so often say are not possible.”

We’ve captured some of the best moments of the 2017 OFN Conference online! See more video highlights and access session materials on the OFN Conference Recap page, where you will find more videos and presentations, including remarks by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and the touching tribute to two great leaders that took place during the Ned Gramlich Awards.


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