In our role as the nation’s CDFI leadership network, OFN raises awareness for the work of CDFIs across the country, advocates for CDFI funding and program access, as well as shines a bright light on the impact CDFIs have in all of our local communities.

In Washington DC, the new Congress is in session and the new Administration is working on their priorities for 2017 and beyond. We are fast approaching Federal budget season and OFN wants to assure that policy-makers understand the essential investment role CDFIs play within the social and financial services sector across America.

Starting this week, OFN is launching a multi-stage advocacy and social media campaign to build awareness, to galvanize all industry stakeholders into action, and to unify broad support behind CDFIs and our amazing work. This is part of our continued advocacy efforts and we expect this campaign to run throughout the year.

We are issuing a call to action to our Members, their borrowers, and our champions to raise their voices now in support of $250 million funding for the CDFI Fund in FY17 and FY18.

  • We urge Members to contact their Congressional delegation to express support for the CDFI Fund
  • We have added more resources to the OFN Member Portal and we invite CDFIS to use this  Congressional Outreach Toolkit as they contact the Appropriations Committee and Congressional leadership
  • We invite Members to join us in a bold, new #CDFIsInvest social media campaign that will create a surge of visibility for CDFIs. Register for a Staying Connected call on February 15 to learn more.

Today, more than ever, there is a clear sense of urgency to this ask—there’s only a few more weeks to remind the Appropriations Committee and members of Congress of the impact of CDFIs and to support the CDFI Fund before the budget process swings into full gear.

We are focused on outreach to Congress because ultimately it is Congress and not the Administration who will determine the funding level for the CDFI Fund.

I wanted to make you all aware of this important advocacy initiative and we invite all CDFIs to engage in the #CDFIsInvest social media campaign. Stay tuned for more details to come next week.


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