The Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI)—a collaboration between the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the Latino Business Action Network—is conducting research for the second annual State of Latino Entrepreneurship report. This report, first published in November 2015, identified a multi-trillion dollar opportunity gap in the level of sales between Latino Owned Businesses and Non-Latino Owned Businesses. It also found that the lack of access to traditional sources of capital remains the greatest distinction between Latino Business Owners and all other businesses.

In this second year, SLEI is driving a 5,000+ Latino Business Owner survey in an effort to provide a greater understanding of the trends in Latino business ownership in the United States and to explore further opportunities. We encourage CDFIs working with Latino-owned businesses to share this 5-7 minute survey opportunity with your clients. The survey is available in English and Spanish. Survey participants will not only receive preliminary results, a free copy of the report, and an opportunity to network at an event hosted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, January 18th, 2017. 

CDFIs who become formal collaborators with SLEI also have the opportunity to nominate two of their Latino-owned businesses who earn more than one million a year in revenue or have raised $500,000 or more of external capital to the bi-annual Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Executive Program.

This data is also invaluable to our industry, as we work to bridge the gaps in access to capital for minority-owned small businesses, and understand the distinctive needs of the Latino community. SLEI has generously offered to provide custom regional and state level reports—they can also provide a report for your CDFI if you can drive 100+ responses from your constituents and clients.

Here is a draft email you can use to reach out to your Latino Owned Business clients. If your organization plans to participate, contact Tiq Chapa, Program Manager, Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.



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