Two health policy and thought research journals are seeking rural health researchers to contribute to their respective publications. Please see below for more details:  

  • Health Affairs has issued a call for abstracts for contributions in a theme issue on Rural Health in December 2019. 
    The issue will explore the diverse conditions that characterize rural communitiesnot only in terms of health across different groups and regions, but also the policies aimed at creating conditions that promote health, well-being, and equity in rural communities.  
    Health Affairs seeks original research, systematic reviews, and case studies that present evidence and analysis aimed at contributing to our knowledge of promising strategies to improve health in rural communities. They are interested in including research related to Tribal and Sovereign Nations in this issue. 
    Abstracts due: March 25th! More details are available here. 

  • The Journal of Appalachian Health has just been launched and has an open call for abstracts. The publication is intended to be an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal with a mission of creating a healthy and thriving Appalachia.  
    The journal will require no subscription fee or author publication fee. The journal has an ongoing open call for abstracts and is interested in receiving submissions that focus on Appalachian health inequities and social determinants of health.  
    If you are interested in submitting articles for publication in the journal, instructions for authors, and further description of the journal, click here. 



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