The Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) is tentatively planning to open the fiscal year (FY) 2017 round of the Community Development Financial Institutions Program (CDFI Program) and Native American CDFI Assistance Program (NACA Program) in mid-February, 2017.

There are significant changes to the FY 2017 application from last year. To help potential applicants prepare as much as possible in advance of the publication of the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) in the Federal Register, the CDFI Fund has posted draft versions of the FY 2017 applications to its website. These versions are similar to the applications released for public comment in 2016. Applicants should note that additional changes may still be made to the applications, and that a final version will be made available when the NOFAs are released. Applicants should not use the draft applications to complete their final application submission. The CDFI Fund will not review any draft application materials that are included in an applicant’s final application submission.

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