OFN’s CDFI Coverage Map has been an essential tool used by elected officials, investors, and many other entities to learn more about the CDFI industry’s geographic reach and scale. The map now includes more than 270,000 nationwide locations where individuals, businesses, facilities, and other CDFI borrowers have benefited from $27.6 billion in financing by 217 certified CDFIs.   

OFN will post research briefs using Coverage Map data over the next few months. Below is a sneak peek at the top core-based statistical areas (CBSA) based on per capita CDFI lending for each of the three CBSA categories:

The data shows that while major metropolitan areas (more than one million residents) receive far more CDFI lending than minor metro areas (less than one million residents) and micropolitan areas (rural regions), on a per capita basis the smaller CBSAs receive up to 10 times as much CDFI lending as large metro areas. 

Transactions shown on the Coverage Map generally fall within fiscal years 2010 and 2017, though not all participants submitted data covering the entire time period: most participants submitted data spanning 2010-2016. Another update to note is address locations now include NMTC transactions closed by participating CDFIs’ certified CDEs. 

If you’re an OFN Member, please upload your most recent loan address data when completing your Annual Member Survey (now active and due on June 15th) via CIIS TLR files or OFN’s address data template. Our next Coverage Map update is anticipated in December 2018.  In addition to the CDFI Coverage Map, OFN has developed data visualization tools using the CDFI Fund’s publicly available TLR database in Tableau, with more to come later this year.

Non-member CDFIs can email their most recent CIIS TLR (preferably FY 2017) or a completed address data template to me at lloethen@ofn.org. For more information, see our Coverage Map user guide for instructions on how to navigate the platform and create your own maps for printing and publication.



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