Join President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation on Tuesday, February 2, at 11 am ET for a conversation on "The Power of CDFIs for Today's Inclusive Economic Recovery." 

With unprecedented financial support for CDFIs and Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) in 2020, including $12 billion in federal aid through the Cares Act and major investments from corporations and philanthropists, the CDFI industry will be at the forefront of the much-needed work to address the issues of economic equity and inclusion that have stymied community and small business growth especially in Black, Latino, and Native American communities across America.

During the February 2 virtual event, leaders will identify ways to deploy more capital, build innovative products and services, and educate investors and borrowers alike. These actions will support the CDFI industry so that it can continue to make meaningful strides to close America's longest-standing wealth and opportunity gaps while powering an inclusive economic recovery.

Register now for "The Power of CDFIs for Today's Inclusive Economic Recovery" event. 

President Clinton was instrumental in the creation of the CDFI Fund, signing the Riegle Community Development and Improvement Act in 1994 that established the Fund. Marking the CDFI Fund's 25th anniversary, the Clinton Foundation held a conference in November 2019 to discuss the evolution of CDFIs and their role in achieving economic inclusion. President Clinton also shared a keynote address at the 2019 OFN Conference where he talked about his work advocating for equitable and inclusive community development investment and the way forward for CDFIs.


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