Part of OFN's role as a national membership association is to help amplify the visibility of our members' activity and impact. One way we do this is through OFN member profiles. We feature these profiles across our communications channels, including our Member Profile Directory, our CDFI Locatorsocial media (check out OFN’s new Instagram page at @oppfinance!), and more.

As OFN's website experiences a significant uptick in traffic due to increasing awareness about our industry, along with ongoing COVID-19 relief advocacy and fundraising efforts, we want to ensure your CDFI's information is up-to-date.

Here's how to make sure your CDFI is accurately represented:

1) Check OFN's Member Profile Directory

2) Don't see your CDFI's profile in the Member Profile Directory? Or it needs major updates? Please submit a member profile form.

Once we receive your submission, we'll create or update your member profile, publish it in the Member Profile Directory, link to it in the CDFI Locator, and make any other requested updates to your CDFI Locator listing.

For minor updates to your member profile, you can reach out directly to Caroline Valvardi at For updates to your CDFI Locator listing, please reach out to Anthony Puzzuoli at

BONUS - Submit the story from your member profile to our CDFI stories page. Like member profiles, OFN features member client stories across our communications channels to demonstrate CDFIs' impact in diverse communities across the nation. 


Make Headlines

Send us your CDFI news by email, or by tweet to @OppFinance.


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