Hope Credit Union was recognized this month for spurring economic development in the delta region by winning the Wall Street Journal's first Financial Inclusion Challenge in the U.S. Hope was among three finalists—including Propel Foundation and Opportun—who faced a panel of judges to answer questions about the impact and sustainability of their work. 

The Financial Inclusion Challenge, sponsored by MetLife, is part of an initiative to highlight financial insecurity in America and to encourage and uplift the solutions that organizations like Hope offer. 

In his acceptance of the award, Bill Bynum, CEO of Hope said, "This is amazing recognition for our organization...an opportunity for the WSJ to tell our story and the significance of our work is tremendously valuable."

Camille Busette director of the Brookings Institution Race, Prosperity, and Inclusion Initiative, a judge on the panel, said of Hope, "They really go into places that have no other financial services. When we thought about impact for this award we thought about the impact Hope has on communities, and not just individuals and families." 

Learn more about the Challenge here


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