The latest blog article from Joe Neri, CEO of OFN member IFF, highlights the CDFI's Stronger Nonprofits Initiative (SNI) designed to support Chicago nonprofit leaders of color. In his article, Neri explains what's behind the SNI program and how IFF and their partners—namely JPMorgan Chase and Fiscal Management Associates—are working hard to make it even better as it moves into its third year.

"SNI is a good example of how CDFIs can go beyond raising and deploying capital to providing multiple supports along a continuum of activities to facilitate better access to capital and begin to address some of the disparities in lending," Neri shares in the article.

He also poses three questions the IFF team is seeking to answer as it looks to make the program even more impactful and expand to other Midwest cities:

  1. How can we better integrate the financial and real estate portions of the training?
  2. How can we better design the curriculum to explicitly serve people of color?
  3. How should we determine selection criteria?

This article is part of Neri's blog series, which aims to introduce a continuum of activities that CDFIs need to conduct in order to better align capital with justice.

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