Corporate Responsibility Magazine shared insights into impact investing, and how CDFIs fit for investors focused on 100 percent impact. Author R. Paulu Herman writes, "Every investment has an impact, so investors allocate to net-positive solutions. Opportunities abound across all asset classes and risk levels. The safest impact investments are savings or Cds in a bank, like New Resource Bank, which then loan to sustainability-focused growth firm.

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) finance improvements in local neighborhoods and cities. A new firm, Cnote, combines multiple CDFIs into one investment note that pays 2 percent interest. Investing in cities, hospitals and school districts—which is typically tax-free—via municipal bonds has positive intentions, but the impact and outcomes are not attached to the bonds. is an online municipal bond marketplace that helps users find high-impact bonds, including those with an impact rating from the 32,500 ratings of municipal issuers by HIP Investor. Municipal bond investors can finance clean energy, low-income school districts in need of funding to spur higher student potential, and funding for women entrepreneurs in diverse cities."

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