OFN will host the last regional meeting of 2018 for CDFIs in the Northeast Region at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank on Thursday, December 6. Regional meetings bring together OFN Members, other CDFIs, banks, foundations, and other industry stakeholders to share experiences, explore opportunities for collaboration, and discuss issues of interest to them.  During the one-day event, nearly 80 attendees will network, learn, and share best practices with one another.     

Highlights from the day include a public policy overview, hearing from CDFIs in attendance about their challenges and opportunities, and a deep-dive into Opportunity Zones and Talent Development.  

Jennifer Crowther, PIDC and Rachel Reilly, Enterprise Community Loan Fund will share insights on Opportunity Zones, the new community investment tool designed to drive long-term capital to rural and low-income urban communities throughout the nation. This session will provide an overview of the program and attendees will learn how CDFIs are thinking about how it can be deployed in low-income communities across the country. 

Quatt Associates will provide insights from the 2018 CDFI Loan Fund Compensation and Benefits Survey, which includes data from 140 certified CDFI loan funds. In addition, participants will learn the strategies and techniques other CDFIs are using to attract and retain talent.  

View the full agenda and sign up today. 


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