OFN is once more partnering with Landit to support a cohort of CDFI women in an exciting opportunity to advance their career paths. With generous support from Morgan Stanley, OFN will offer this unique experience to a second cohort of CDFI women professionals.

Landit for CDFI Women is an innovative online platform that helps individuals navigate their careers. The site creates a customized playbook for participants, including resources like networking and personal brand management strategies.

“Working with the CDFI women has been a highlight for the Landit team,” said Rachel Jacobson, Chief Business Development Officer at Landit. “We continue to be amazed by all the positive career breakthroughs, accomplishments, and overall positive outcomes they’ve had since becoming Landit members. The members of the cohort have reached high levels of engagement on a consistent basis and continue to raise their hands to participate in any opportunities Landit brings their way!”

Year 1 cohort member Jenny Lee of Working Solutions had this to say: “I really appreciated being chosen for this first cohort and would highly recommend the program to colleagues. I mostly prioritized the coaching sessions; this dedicated 1:1 time and reflection with an expert is invaluable and usually extremely expensive, so all the more special for nonprofit staff to be able to access.”

Yvonne Tou of LISC NY had similar praise: “I found this program to be an intentional, mindful professional development time and tool. The coaching sessions are truly valuable as well! “

Members of the second Landit for CDFI Women cohort will participate in a customized program that includes:

  • A one-year Landit membership
  • Four one-to-one sessions with a world class executive coach
  • Four expert webinars on topics including “Building Your Personal Brand” and “Building Your Personal Board of Advisors”
  • Career mapping and curated skill development courses
  • Customized tips, advice, and inspiration
  • Opportunities to connect with CDFI women throughout the program 

A diverse cohort of 34 CDFI women will be selected by lottery. Learn more about eligibility criteria on the OFN website or apply today – registration is now open and will close on December 7, 2018.

Once chosen, the second year of the initiative will launch on January 18.  “We look forward to on-boarding the next cohort and watching our first group continue to thrive in their careers,” added Ms. Jacobson. “Thanks for allowing Landit to partner with the CDFI industry.”


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