On September 21, OFN member Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) announced their commitment to drive $5 billion in investments over the next decade to advance racial equity. This goal will guide their work as they seek to help build communities of opportunity, equity, and well-being across the nation. To launch this effort, LIIF has developed a strategic plan which charts a course for the organization through 2024.

LIIF has realigned and identified focus areas for investments, allowing them to strengthen impact in three key areas: 

  1. Impact lending
  2. Affordable housing
  3. Early care and education

LIIF's bold vision requires a more intentional approach. In addition to a keen focus on embedding social justice and racial equity, LIIF is committed to influencing practices and policies within the field, building an internal foundation for innovation, and learning and increasing financial and organizational sustainability. LIIF is also enhancing internal policies and practices to ensure they hire and do business with people and businesses who represent the communities they serve.

Read the full announcement.

Read LIIF's strategic plan.



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