February 8, 2018—This week, OFN joins LISC in mourning the loss of a community development leader, Oramenta Newsome. Oramenta served as the executive director of LISC DC for nearly 25 years. LISC has authored a beautiful tribute,

She was one of LISC’s longest-serving executive directors, part of a group of pioneering leaders who sought innovative ways to connect investment capital to nonprofit vision at a time when there was still great skepticism about whether the formula could bring about real progress. She was also one of the country’s first African-American women to guide large-scale community development work.

“We are eternally grateful for her grace, humility, and passion for justice; her sense of humor and lifetime of service,” said Maurice Jones, LISC President and CEO. “Her spirit will accompany and sustain us as we strive to continue her work.”

Read the full tribute here


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