OFN is excited to announce the launch of CDFI Connect Community. This exclusive online community for the opportunity finance industry will offer a secure, professional environment to connect with other CDFIs, funders, investors, and service providers.

CDFI Connect Community is an extension of our CDFI Connect brand umbrella. While CDFI Connect Blog provides news and feature articles directly from OFN, the community is a new way to connect and actively engage with industry peers in real time.

CDFI Connect Community will be an evolving space which will dynamically engage you in conversations about your challenges and opportunities, and is a free ongoing discussion space for opportunity finance practitioners. In addition to discussions, CDFI Connect will allow for enhanced search capabilities, a user directory, file sharing, and OFN-produced resources.

How this will impact your engagement with OFN and industry peers:

  • Effective October 25, CDFI Connect Community is open to all opportunity finance practitioners and allies
  • The OFN Member Portal will automatically redirect to the new community space
  • CDB-L discussions will migrate to the new platform on November 9
  • OFN resources, such as publications, videos, and past OFN Conference materials will be found on this space in the Resources tab
  • Registration for OFN events, including webinars and trainings, will be available on the Events tab
  • See the latest available jobs in the Job Bank feed on the homepage of CDFI Connect Community

Here are a few things to expect:

  • Individuals who are on the OFN contact list will be invited by email to join. If you are not on our email list you can sign up now.
  • You can connect your CDFI Connect Community profile with your LinkedIn profile
  • Once you set your profile, you can begin connecting directly with peers on the community in the user directory or by posting to the Open Forum
  • As a participant in the community you will receive a daily digest of the latest conversations from each sub-community you join

CDFI Connect Community is for every individual on your staff, so please make sure to forward the invitation to your colleagues if they do not receive direct communication from OFN.

Most importantly, this is your community. As the space evolves, let us know how it is working for you—we want to hear your ideas for how to make this the best possible space for you and your peers!


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