On October 16, Locavesting published a look at the changing landscape of investing, and specifically how the impact investing model is opening up to all investors, not just the dominant foundations, institutions, and wealthy individuals. The article explore how CDFIs, like Low-Income Investment Fund (LIIF), Calvert Foundation, and RSF Social Finance are creating notes available to the "so-called retail market." The article also highlights how CNote is creating a way for more CDFIs to connect to individual investors, writing "CNote is like an alternative savings account you can feel good about. When you open an online CNote account, your savings get invested in federally certified CDFIs that are working on the front lines of community development. Your money earns 2.5%, compared to .15% or less in a typical bank account. CNote does not charge investors; instead, it makes a small percentage from the CDFIs."

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