Recently, Forbes published an article entitled, “Why You Should Move Your Money To Impact Investing,” which highlights the work of OFN member Enterprise Community Loan Fund. The article features insights from CEO Lori Chatman, who has led Enterprise Community Loan Fund to invest more than $1.9 billion across the country, creating nearly 110,000 affordable homes, over four million square feet of commercial real estate, and more than 15,000 seats in classrooms. 

"Increasingly, investors are demanding positive social outcomes without sacrificing return or assuming undue risks," says Chatman, who brings years of experience to raising and deploying capital through large-scale national, regional, and local debt funds for affordable housing and community development. 

For nearly 40 years, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) have been making investments that impact people’s lives, communities, and the planet. According to Chatman, they are a prime vehicle for investors and asset managers seeking impact. 

Read the article in full to learn more.


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