Last week, OFN put out an appeal for immediate disaster recovery support to help OFN Member staff who experienced Hurricane Harvey-related damage to their homes, automobiles, and possessions. Thirteen employees from our Members—LiftFund, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and PeopleFund—were significantly affected, including:

  • One staffer who lost everything, and though they had renters’ insurance they did not have flood insurance, so will appreciate the assistance
  • A parent to two children under the age of five who is concerned about mold and replacing furniture in all their bedrooms
  • A pregnant staffer who has run out of money to stay in temporary housing and has no support system other than personal donations from CDFI staff

Corporation for Supportive Housing was originally a part of this call for support but as their staff were not significantly affected, they opted to have their portion of the $25,000 dispersed between the 13 employees with the most need.

People are at the heart of CDFIs and our work in communities. These same CDFI staff members, impacted by the hurricane, will be the people on the front lines of rebuilding their communities.

The call to action swiftly produced the $25,000 that was asked to support these staff members through the Harvey CDFI Staff Relief Fund. To meet the immediate needs that we have identified with our Members we are closing the fund and disbursing funds this Friday, September 7, 2017.

Thank you to all those who have generously supported this fund, both the individuals and the CDFIs who have helped us reach this goal so quickly. 

OFN is a registered 501c3 tax-exempt organization and your contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. 


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