With a new Congress, it is more critical now than ever to share the impact of CDFIs across the nation. When OFN has the opportunity to go to Capitol Hill, as we did on February 1 during our Congressional Hill briefing, our Members amplify the impact of these visits by adding their voice via social media. Recently, social media has played an increasingly important communications role in Congress and with the new administration. OFN recognizes that a steady drum beat of targeted messaging helps educate members of Congress about the key role CDFIs playing in their states and districts.

For this first social media push of the year, CDFI Members rallied to the call, quickly turning around key messages about how CDFIs invest in the US economy by telling the #CDFIstory. Although this push was activated only a few days in advance of the meeting, 121 accounts contributed by creating original content or sharing and retweeting the #CDFIstory, making 891,136 impressions on Twitter alone. OFN Members, Allies, and partners shared and retweeted, and tagged their members of Congress. Borrowers, who are the #CDFIstory, participated by linking and retweeting as well.

We certainly made an impression, but there is more to come! This is the first of many social campaigns OFN will lead this year as we engage with a more social media-minded Congress—stay tuned for more!




Photo via Housing Trust of Silicon Valley, Charities Housing success story



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