After months of due diligence and analysis, Aeris  issued OFN a full rating under its newly revised rating system. OFN received an AA for Financial Strength and Performance and a top-ranking four-star rating for Impact. Aeris also designated OFN "Policy Plus" in recognition of our leadership in public policy change.

Aeris financial ratings “assess capitalization, asset quality, management, earnings, and liquidity—often referred to as a ‘CAMEL’ assessment.” As of January 1, the Aeris rating scale changed to a star system for impact performance, and a letter format for financial strength and performance. Learn more here.

An AA rating indicates that OFN has strong financial strength, performance and risk management practices relative to our size, complexity, and risk profile. Four stars is the highest impact rating and indicates we exhibit a clear alignment of mission, strategies, activities, and data that guides our programs and planning. And the rating says that our financial strength and performance data clearly exhibits our effective use of resources to benefit low-income people and communities and to achieve positive impacts related to our mission.


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