The 2020 OFN Virtual Conference takes place this November 9-12. Let's make this year’s annual Conference the largest gathering ever as CDFIs continue the fight for economic justice. Thank you for helping to spread the word

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Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) combat economic inequality by matching capital to communities in deep need.

This year’s OFN Virtual Conference—the largest gathering in the CDFI industry—will feature four half-days of inspiring plenaries, energizing sessions, distinguished speakers, networking opportunities, and testimonials from CDFI-funded small businesses, affordable housing providers and residents, and community organizations across America.

It has never been more important to finance justice. Join us in taking on the challenge to do more.


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Twitter: @OppFinance
Instagram: @oppfinance


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Suggested Post Text*:

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  • Achieving economic justice requires all of us. This Nov. 9-12, @oppfinance invites you to join the fight. Let’s make this year’s virtual #CDFI industry event the largest ever. Students attend free! #FinanceJustice #OFNConf
  • We look forward to joining #CDFI industry colleagues for the OFN Virtual Conference this Nov. 9-12 to learn, connect, and collaborate to do more to invest in people and places left behind by mainstream finance. #OFNConf #FinanceJustice @oppfinance
  • The work of #CDFIs has never been more important. Join us Nov. 9-12 for the 2020 OFN Virtual Conference, featuring 4 half-days of inspiring speakers, 40 energizing sessions, networking opportunities, and more. #OFNConf #FinanceJustice @oppfinance
  • #CDFIs are stepping up like never before to finance small businesses, affordable homes, and critical community services. Join us for the #OFNConf Nov. 9-12 so we can go even deeper to expand economic opportunity across America. #FinanceJustice @oppfinance

For event speakers (customize text accordingly): 

  • I’m looking forward to discussing <insert plenary or breakout session topic> with <insert names or social media handles of fellow presenters> during the OFN Virtual Conference this Nov. 9-12. See you (virtually) there! #OFNConf #FinanceJustice 

For OFN member CDFIs (customize text accordingly):

  • <Insert your CDFI name> finances justice by providing <insert services provided> to <insert types of clients> in <insert service area>. We look forward to joining our industry peers and partners for the OFN Virtual Conference this Nov. 9-12. #OFNConf #FinanceJustice @oppfinance

    During the Conference (let's get #CDFIs trending!):
  • #CDFIs finance justice. We are proud to be a CDFI and @oppfinance member serving <insert type of clients> in <insert region>. #OFNConf #FinanceJustice #KeepCDFIsStrong

Please contact Caroline Valvardi, OFN’s senior associate of strategic communications, at with any questions. Thank you again for your support!



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