OFN is pleased to announce five new members have joined our network! We welcome the following CDFIs: 

Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce (BCBCC) is an authorized SBA microloan and USDA Rural Microenterprise Assistance Program lender. Located in Beaufort, SC, the BCBCC’s CDFI fund is available to businesses in South Carolina and Georgia.  

People Trust is a microenterprise lender based in Little Rock, AR. An active lender since 2015, People Trust offers financial education and technical assistance in addition to loan products. Taking a holistic and community-focused approach to lending, People Trust is committed to providing financial support and literacy to those who need it most.  

The Louisville Housing Opportunities and Micro-Enterprise Community Development Loan Fund, Inc. (LHOME) is a mission-driven nonprofit financial institution that provides affordable loan products and financial coaching services to low-income small business owners, renters, and homeowners in Louisville, KY. By providing affordable loans and financial coaching, LHOME works to promote small business and homeownership for ALL Louisvillians, especially in the West and South End.  

Albany Community Together, Inc. (ACT!) is a loan fund based in Albany, GA, and has been providing business, microenterprise, and commercial real estate loans since 2001. To date, ACT! has assisted over 113 businesses in creating 500 jobs throughout 35 continues in Southwest and West Georgia.   

Sixup is a for-profit loan fund based in San Francisco, CA. A newer fintech company, Sixup has been providing education loans since 2016. Sixup provides loans to high-achieving, low income students to ensure they receive the optimal education to lead to a successful career. They also provide financial education and full assistance throughout the lifecycle of the loan. Sixup currently offers loans to students in 17 states and the District of Columbia.  


Are you interested in joining OFN? We offer two ways to join:  

OFN members are performance-oriented CDFIs that finance community businesses and consumers, delivering both sound financial returns and real change. As an OFN member, CDFIs can leverage a network of more than 260 CDFIs to increase their impact and help shape the industry. Membership also offers discounts on OFN products and services, as well as access to members-only services.  

OFN allies are organizations and individuals that share our mission and want to be active partners in the opportunity finance industry. Allies—which include CDFIs that do not meet our eligibility criteria—support our core purpose of aligning capital with social, economic, and political justice. Allies receive priority access to discounts, OFN resources, and enhanced access on CDFI Connect. 


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