OFN’s mission is to align capital with social, economic, and political justice. Six years ago, we began to explore how this mission aligns with or advances racial equity, and we committed to examining racial diversity, equity, and inclusion across the organization, Board, and CDFI industry. Furthermore, we are committed to identifying strategic impact to bridge the racial wealth divide for African American, Latino, Native American and Asian American communities.

Since then, OFN has done a great deal of work internally and with outside experts, including Race Matters Institute, in racial equity—work that continues today. Our conversations and actions have been honest, challenging, and, at times exciting, and have resulted in changes in OFN policies, procedures, and culture. 

Transparency is a guiding value of OFN’s equity work. Today, I’m proud to share the OFN Equity Policy Annual Update, which outlines OFN’s key racial equity milestones over the past six years.

With this report, we have also launched a page on OFN.org that shares the report’s Executive Summary, as well as background about OFN’s racial equity initiative and resources for the industry and others at different stages of equity work. (OFN Members can access the full Annual Report here.)

I invite you to spend some time on our equity page and with the resources, which includes insight into how we discuss and approach racial equity, an equity toolkit created by the Racial Equity Working Group from the Citi Leadership Program for Opportunity Finance, and a rich library of readings, websites, and videos to inform everyone’s understanding of equity. 

Please also get involved in conversations about racial equity with us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. And subscribe to the blog for regular updates, information, and insights into OFN’s and the industry’s racial equity focus.


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