Even in good times, a CDFI’s job is never easy. CDFIs take on lending challenges that market lenders find difficult or impossible. Whether the CDFI has a single staff member or dozens, it must perform the many functions of a lending institution. The global pandemic, the demand for racial reckoning, and the disparate economic harms across our nation have pushed CDFIs to do more and go deeper.

New investors and traditional CDFI funders alike have recognized CDFIs as “financial first responders” and poured unprecedented levels of capital into the industry. The spotlight on CDFIs has never been brighter. While there will never be a true one-size-fits-all model for CDFIs, there are successful models of growth that can be shared, replicated, and built upon to allow organizations to go farther, faster.

OFN's CONNECT+ Forum on September 9 will provide practical guidance for CDFI growth, explore opportunities for evolution and innovation, and reimagine how CDFIs can create an organizational ecosystem that optimizes the advancement, growth, and resilience of their organizations, their staff, and the unique people and places they serve. 

Sessions will include:

  • Overview of CDFI Organizational Development
  • A Human-Centered Approach to Optimize CDFI Growth
  • The “People” Part of Growth: Governance, Management, and Staffing
  • The “Systems” Part of Growth: Policies and Procedures
  • The “Money In” Part of Growth: Capitalization Planning
  • Ensuring Business Success through Financial Analysis and Planning

This free, half-day virtual event is designed primarily for CDFI staff and Board members, with a particular emphasis on small and mid-sized CDFIs looking to grow. We also welcome community development practitioners, investors, funders, and other stakeholders interested in engaging with peers on this topic. 

Registration is complimentary. Sign up now!


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