By now, we know that the policy landscape for 2017 is drastically changing. With many new faces both in Congress and in the administration, it is critical that CDFIs show our positive impact in communities across the nation. OFN Members, we ask you to share recent success stories that not only showcase the borrower’s need, but also the unique way that your CDFI met that need.

As we prepare our materials to hit the ground running in 2017, these stories will help us put our best foot forward.

In addition, please send us any updates for your OFN Member Profile. This impact data is another crucial tool for our work on Capitol Hill. If you do not have a Member Profile, contact me and I will assist you in developing a new Member Profile.

Finally, all OFN Members and Allies should strive to include their loan data in the CDFI Coverage Map, which has proven to be the most successful tool we use with members of Congress and their staffs.

Please submit updates by January 13, 2017 so we will have the necessary tools in advance of our early meetings. With your help, we will have a large demographic and geographic variety to showcase the impact of CDFIs. If you are not yet an OFN Member but have a success story to share, send your stories to me as well and we will find a way to include them in our advocacy efforts. 


Make Headlines

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