On November 16, the Community Development Advisory Board (Advisory Board) met to swear in new Board Members. The Community Development Advisory Board was established in 1994 to advise the director of the CDFI Fund on policies regarding activities to the Fund.

The Advisory Board consists of 15 members: six are public citizens and nine are private citizen presidential appointees. This year, two OFN Members were appointed by the president of the United States for the Advisory Board, Shane Jett, Executive Director and CEO of Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation—who also serves on the OFN Board of Directors—and Clinton Gwin, President of Pathway Lending.

“As a former member of the Advisory Board in my capacity as Undersecretary for Rural Development at the USDA, I’ve witnessed first-hand how the advisory board members bring their unique perspectives to augment the leadership of the CDFI Fund. Shane and Clint will provide powerful voices for the CDFI field at large, and their insights will help shape CDFI Fund policy and strategy going forward,” said Lisa Mensah, OFN President and CEO.

Pathway Lending serves small businesses throughout Tennessee, in both urban and rural areas. Clint was appointed as one of two individuals who “are officers of existing community development financial institutions.” As he said in a recent statement “I am reminded on a daily basis at Pathway Lending of how federal policy impacts the businesses and communities we serve, and I look forward to working with the other members of the board to assist the CDFI Fund in supporting the expansion of economic opportunity across the country.”

Shane was appointed as the “individual who has personal experience and specialized expertise in the unique lending and community development issues confronted by Indian tribes on Indian reservations.” When CDFI Connect spoke to Shane, he was looking forward to taking on this new role, “I am honored,” he said, “to be appointed by the president, and I am deeply humbled to be the voice to more than 500 federally recognized tribes. As part of the Advisory Board I will advocate not only for native communities, to create more programmatic set asides as part of the CDFI Fund allocations, but also for strategies that help CDFIs do what they do best: connect capital to the communities and people that need it.” At the meeting Shane was selected as the Chair of the Advisory Board.

The full Advisory Board consists of: 

Six Public Representatives:

1. Anne Hazlett, Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development U.S. Department of Agriculture Washington, District of Columbia

2. TBD U.S. Department of Commerce Washington, District of Columbia

3. Neal Rackleff, Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Washington, District of Columbia

4. TBD U.S. Department of Interior Washington, District of Columbia

5. Jovita Carranza, Treasurer of the United States U.S. Department of the Treasury Washington, District of Columbia

6. William M. Manger, Jr., Associate Administrator of Capital Access U.S. Small Business Administration Washington, District of Columbia

Nine Private Citizens

Two individuals who are officers of existing community development financial institutions:

7. Clinton B. Gwin, President Pathway Lending Nashville, Tennessee

8. TBD 2

Two individuals who are officers of insured depository institutions:

9. Robert R. Jones, President & CEO United Bank Atmore, Alabama

10. Todd O. McDonald, Vice President of Strategy Liberty Bank & Trust Company New Orleans, Louisiana

Two individuals who are officers of national consumer or public interest organizations:

11. Faith Bautista, President & CEO National Asian American Coalition Daly City, California

12. Judy J. Chapa, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility Financial Services Roundtable Washington, District of Columbia

Two individuals who have expertise in community development:

13. Cara Dingus Brook, President & CEO Foundation for Appalachian Ohio Nelsonville, Ohio

14. TBD

One individual who has personal experience and specialized expertise in the unique lending and community development issues confronted by Indian tribes on Indian reservations:

15. Shane Jett, Executive Director & CEO Citizen Potawatomi Community Development Corporation Shawnee, Oklahoma 


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