November 30th, the Aspen Institute Latinos and Society Program will release Unleashing Latino-owned Business Potential, a report emanating from the Aspen Institute Forum on Latino Business Growth. The report identifies challenges and solutions to scaling Latino-owned business (LOBs), specifically those with the potential of reaching $1 million or more in revenue. Despite an overall decrease of business growth in the US, Latino Americans are playing an important role in driving US economic vibrancy through their outsized contribution to new business creation. Nevertheless, LOBs fail to scale in size and revenue at the same rate of other businesses, presenting an opportunity gap of $1.38 trillion for the US economy. This untapped potential has a cascading effect on the wider economy and must be addressed. The report offers high-impact, actionable solutions that are relevant to and can be implemented by a range of stakeholders, including banks, entrepreneurs, philanthropy, CDFIs, elected officials, universities, research institutions, and more. 

To receive a copy of Unleashing Latino-owned Business Potential, sign-up here. To attend the report launch in Washington, DC or to watch the livestream, register here


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