On June 8, 2016 at OFN’s Small Business Finance Forum, OFN launched Venturize, a public education and awareness campaign designed to equip small business owners with the information they need to make the best borrowing choice for their business. In response to the rapid rise of unregulated, online alternative lenders in the years since the Great Recession, OFN created Venturize to help small business owners explore a wide range of financing options for their businesses and make informed borrowing decisions. At the heart of the campaign is Venturize.org, an online borrower education platform that provides small businesses with FREE, unbiased and straightforward information about borrowing and easy-to-use, mobile friendly tools that help small businesses decide for themselves what financing option would work best for them.

The Venturize campaign has ambitious goals including generating 50 million media impressions. We are thrilled to report that in less than six months, the Venturize campaign has exceeded this goal! As of November 30, the campaign has achieved:

  • More than 73 million media impressions;
  • More than 468,000 website sessions;
  • Twelve news stories in outlets including CNN Money, Forbes and Black Enterprise!

As we look forward to 2017, we’re excited for the next stage of growth for the campaign, which will include new partners, new content for the Venturize website and increased engagement with small business owners, CDFIs and other critical players in the small business lending space to amplify Venturize’s reach and impact. Stay tuned! 


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