On Wednesday, September 27, 2017, Lisa Mensah delivered her first OFN Conference speech as OFN's President and CEO. Titled Walking Together, the address paid homage to OFN’s past and looked ahead to how the industry must walk together to support social, economic, and political justice. 

She said:

I come to this work believing deeply that when we walk together, our network is a force to be reckoned with.   

Walking together is a hallmark of our field.

Walking in unison we find our common humanity.

Side by side, our combined strength moves mountains.   

We are all here — together — because we share a common interest, a mission, to help everyone thrive. Public and private, for profit and nonprofit, loan funds and credit unions, banks and venture funds... ours is a big BIG tent. Walking together we’ve created unique solutions to what many believe are insurmountable problems unworthy of taking on.”

Upon closing the 20-minute speech that threaded personal and professional stories, Lisa received a standing ovation from an audience of her longtime and new industry friends.  

Read the full prepared speech here.

We’ve captured some of the best moments of the 2017 OFN Conference online! See video highlights and access session materials on the OFN Conference Recap page.


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