This year's OFN Conference is the time to celebrate our work as #CDFIChangeAgents. 

Join the conversation!

We made it easy to participate in this year’s conference themed conversation with templates you can use to plug in your stories or data and easily share across your social media accounts.

Here's an example:


Sample Tweets You can Use:
We are #CDFIChangeAgents because we provide <Community/State> with affordable, responsible financing.

What does it look like to be part of a group of #CDFIChangeAgents? We are at #OFNConf celebrating the impact of this great industry <take a photo with your peers at the Conference>

JaneDoe is one of our #CDFIChangeAgents – she connects with our borrowers and works hard to find financial solutions <include photo of Jane in template and add a caption and quote>


Template Instructions:
#CDFIChangeAgents Colleague

#CDFIChangeAgents borrower story

  • Download the template
  • Replace our image with a photo of your CDFI Change Agent Colleague or your Borrower
  • Provide a short 50-character or less quote in the text box
  • Incorporate your logo or branding
  • Save and Share on your Twitter Account using #CDFIChangeAgents  and #OFNConf

That’s it!


What stories should you share?

All of them! Every story is welcome. Bring the dedication and hard work of your CDFI and your staff to life. No story or circumstance is too big or too small. We want to hear about a borrower you financed, your colleague who stays late every day, or the big wins that you list as your greatest accomplishments!

What if I don’t have a photo?

That’s ok! You can always link back to your website, use your logo, feature an infographic or branded image, or even take and share a selfie!

Why should we participate?

Social media campaigns are not just for fun, they help tell the CDFI story. Our social media campaigns have created between 1MM and 11MM impressions! Campaigns help us demonstrate to those who are watching (policymakers, funders, media) that the CDFI industry is creating tangible impact across the country in rural, urban, and Native communities.




Make Headlines

Send us your CDFI news by email, or by tweet to @OppFinance.


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