Bringing More Comprehensive Care to More People

  • A New York-based CDFI finances a project that

  • serves an additional 3,000 patients in the first year alone.

Needing an upgrade from its outdated and cramped space, the Harlem-based location of the Institute for Family Health sought funding for relocation into a new building.

It found it in the form of a $30 million loan from CDFI Primary Care Development Corporation (PCDC) and its partners, paving the way for the Institute to radically expand its services. Once operational, the new center will serve an additional 3,000 patients in its first year alone, with more primary care and specialty services, including dental, mental health, chronic-disease management, and HIV testing and treatment.

The expansion is one of the latest developments in the Institute’s rich history of stepping into the void of healthcare services in underserved communities. Since 1983, it has grown from a tiny nonprofit with four staff members to one of the largest community health centers in New York State, serving more than 80,000 patients annually at 26 locations.

The organization’s work is guided by a core principle summed up recently by Neil Calman, president and CEO:


  • "There is no right more fundamental than the
  • right to livea long and healthy life, and
  • the right to the best health care to help
  • achieve that goal."- Neil Calman