First Nations Oweesta Corporation and Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) are proud to announce the Eleventh Annual Native CDFI Awards, which recognize excellence in the Native CDFI industry. Two awards will be given away in 2016, including the Circle of Honor for Outstanding Leadership, which recognizes a Native CDFI that is successfully increasing access to capital and financial resources in Native communities. The second award will recognize a Visionary Leader for Outstanding Achievement, which recognizes a person who has made a long-term contribution to the Native CDFI industry and whose efforts make them an inspiration for others.

Oweesta is accepting nominations for the two award categories, and the application deadline is Thursday, September 1, 2016. You may nominate any Native CDFI or individual that meets the eligibility criteria.

For the Circle of Honor Award, one Native CDFI will be selected to win a $10,000 cash award to help strengthen and advance the important work they do. For the Visionary Leader Award, one individual whom has impacted the Native CDFI industry through integral leadership will be selected and honored before the Native CDFI industry at the Native CDFI Awards Ceremony. The Visionary Leader Award honors leaders within Native CDFI industry, including practitioners, advocates, and partners of the Native CDFI industry.

The two award winners will be announced at the Native CDFI Awards Ceremony hosted by Oweesta and Opportunity Finance Network on the evening of Wednesday, October 26, 2016, at the 2016 OFN Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The winners will be invited to speak and highlight their achievements at this ceremony.

CLICK HERE for more information on the awards and eligibility criteria in the nomination form.

To submit your nomination form, fax or email the form to Stephanie Cote at First Nations Oweesta Corporation, (303) 774-7841 or


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