CDFI Women's Network

  • A Network for Women in the Opportunity Finance Network

  • to Connect, Share, and Learn from Each Other



In 2016, at the OFN Conference in Atlanta, Vicky Stein, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Community Reinvestment Fund, USA, and Megan Teare, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Community Lending and Investment, held what was the first networking event for women in the CDFI Industry. The concept was simple – women in our industry are looking for ways to connect, share, and learn from each other. The response was overwhelming and exciting.

Since this first gathering, momentum for formalizing a network of women in the CDFI industry has grown and the CDFI Women’s Network (CWN) officially launched at OFN Conference 2017 and is working toward building a community space on CDFI Connect.

The mission of the CDFI Women’s Network is to promote the role of women in the CDFI industry, foster their professional success, and mentor emerging practitioners. OFN is pleased to serve as a launch point for this new network. Please send questions or comments to Megan Teare or Vicky Stein.

Organizational Structure

The CWN is building the infrastructure to deliver the kinds of resources and programming that members have recommended or requested. To do this, we need to harness the energy and talent of CDFI women across the country.


  • Communications Team – curate and manage the content and resources of the Network in the CDFI Connect Community and on social media, including success stories, articles, announcements, etc.
  • Technology Team – devise and manage how the Network and its individual members use the CDFI Connect Community and social media, manage database of members, etc.
  • Chapters Team – facilitate the formation and on-going operation of geographic and virtual chapters
  • Professional Development Team – design mentorship and peer-to-peer learning programs
  • Programming Team – create and solicit content for the Network including webinars, speakers, trainings, etc.

Join the Online Community

The CDFI Women's Network (CWN) is an independent, women-led, volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the advancement of women who work for CDFIs or for organizations that support the Community Development Finance industry. CWN creates opportunities for members to connect, share, and learn from each other to foster their professional success. We seek to mentor emerging practitioners and commit to being a diverse and inclusive organization that reflects the industry and the communities and people we serve. Please join us in connecting, supporting, and learning from each other!

You will need an account to join the community, so please check if you have an account first here. If you don't, it will lead you to a registration page. Contact with any techincal issues you may encounter.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities


The following chapters have launched and have leads responsible for organizing local events.

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