On Wednesday, CDFIs and mission-driven lenders and allies will meet at OFN’s annual Western regional meeting to discuss challenges and opportunities as we embark on the second half of 2016. John Moon of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco will join us to kick things off at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco—Los Angeles Branch. John will later lead us in a discussion on the Federal Reserve Bank’s Healthy Communities Initiative. 

In addition to rich discussions and opportunities for participants to network with peers who face the same regional challenges, Pacific Community Ventures will be a featured speaker. PCV partnered with Super Bowl 50 to help Bay Area small businesses take advantage of the influx of business that the Super Bowl brought and thrive. PCV will also share how they are tapping into volunteerism to help business owners gain an edge through their BusinessAdvising.org platform.

We will end the day with a look at the challenges facing small businesses, building on insights we gained during the Small Business Finance Forum earlier this month. Opportunity Fund will be on hand to report on their recent findings from Unaffordable and Unsustainable: The New Business Lending on Main Street. Lauren Stebbins and Jackeline Stewart will also share some early insights into our recently launched small business resource Venturize.

If you are in the region and haven’t already registered, we hope you will join us. The event is a full day opportunity to pick up new ideas and network with like-minded leaders.


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