CDFIs V2.0: The Vision of a New Generation

  • CDFIs V2.0: The Vision of a New Generation

In October 2010, OFN convened a diverse group of young leaders—representing CDFIs, banks, foundations, and government—to discuss the strategic challenge of talent development in an effort to define a vision for the next CDFI era.

The ideas and recommendations generated during this discussion, and further developed in subsequent meetings and work groups, formed the foundation of CDFIs v2.0: The Vision of a New Generation. Published in January 2012 by OFN, this vision paper, made possible by a generous grant from Rabobank and in-kind support from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, makes five recommendations for building a solid future for CDFIs:

  1. Strategically recruit new talent
  2. Increase opportunities for training and advancement
  3. Improve social impact measurement and collection
  4. Collaborate and innovate to use resources more efficiently
  5. Diversify capital sources and improve transparency

These ideas are meant to act as a starting point for discussion within CDFIs, their partner organizations, and the industry as a whole. In particular, we hope that this document will stimulate conversation about fostering the next generation of leaders in the community development finance sector.