Colorado Enterprise Fund was recently featured in Denver Business Journal for their work with small businesses across the state. Here's an excerpt:

When Ceyl Prinster, president and CEO of Colorado Enterprise Fund, drives around the state and sees “open for business” signs, she can’t help but smile. She’s headed up the fund, which is a Community Development Financial Institution and makes micro and small business loans, for 29 years. Colorado Enterprise Fund started with an eye on the core of Denver in an effort to help improve the economy.

Over the years, the private, nonprofit organization expanded its reach to all of metro Denver and then statewide. In 40 years, it has loaned $52 million to 1,800 small businesses.

“One of the most rewarding things about this job is being able to literally walk down the street and say we made a loan to them,” Prinster said. “It’s really exciting.”

This September, the organization celebrates its 40th year in the business of helping small businesses. For decades the organization had been quietly providing micro loans and small business loans — from under $50,000 to a maximum of $500,000 — without much fanfare. And then the Great Recession hit in 2008 and small businesses hunkered down and stopped growing, or worse, shuttered.

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