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Lindsay Li / August 22, 2018 / Publications

This year's OFN Conference is the time to celebrate our work as #CDFIChangeAgents. 

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Lance Loethen / May 22, 2018 / Publications

OFN’s CDFI Coverage Map has been an essential tool used by elected officials, investors, and many other entities to learn more about the CDFI industry’s

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Seth Julyan / January 10, 2018 / Publications

In December 2017 OFN released a comprehensive report on compensation and benefits for CDFI loan funds, the 2018 CDFI Loan Fund Compensation and Benefits Survey.

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Seth Julyan / December 13, 2017 / Publications

OFN’s newest report, CDFI Loan Fund Compensation and Benefits Survey, is an invaluable resource that can help CDFIs recruit, reward, and retain high-quality employees.

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Lance Loethen / December 8, 2017 / Publications

OFN just released the 19th edition of its Side by Side publication, an annual reference guide for CDFI industry practitioners, investors, and others interested in assessing the opportunity finance industry’s activity and performance.

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