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Donna Fabiani / November 16, 2018 / Publications

How are job seekers—particularly workers facing challenges in the labor market—assets that can drive innovation and build employers’ competitiveness?

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Lindsay Li / November 1, 2018 / Publications

OFN strongly supports the effort to collect nationwide information on diverse small businesses through the Federal Reserve Banks 2018 Small Business Credit Survey. We encourage CDFIs to help inform the survey by involving your small business borrowers, especially those that tend to be under-repre

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Lindsay Li / August 22, 2018 / Publications

This year's OFN Conference is the time to celebrate our work as #CDFIChangeAgents. 

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Lance Loethen / May 22, 2018 / Publications

OFN’s CDFI Coverage Map has been an essential tool used by elected officials, investors, and many other entities to learn more about the CDFI industry’s

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Seth Julyan / January 10, 2018 / Publications

In December 2017 OFN released a comprehensive report on compensation and benefits for CDFI loan funds, the 2018 CDFI Loan Fund Compensation and Benefits Survey.

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