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/ September 28, 2020 / Voices

Photo: Alex Castro, founder and owner of Life Recovery Centers

This post was written by OFN Blog guest author Mary Perkins, Director of Philanthropy, Dream Spring

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/ March 11, 2020 / Newswire

Wells Fargo has announced it is seeking to invest up to $50 million in capital for African American Minority Depository Institutions, or MDIs, as...

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/ February 3, 2020 / Newswire

The Wells Fargo Foundation announced that it is providing $17.4 million to community development financial institutions (CDFIs) across the U.S. to accelerate the growth of diverse small businesses and job creation in local communities.

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/ December 3, 2019 / Newswire

On November 14, the Wells Fargo Foundation announced a historic $10 million grant to OFN member NALCAB (National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders) to support growth-oriented lending to ...

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