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Caroline Valvardi / April 2, 2019 / Newswire

On March 20, fintech startup CNote announced the launch of its new Wisdom Fund impact investing initiative in partnership with OFN members CDC Small Business Finance, Carolina Small Business Development Fund, LiftFund, TruFund, and Pacific...

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Lindsay Li / June 30, 2016 / Newswire

This week the CSH was named as a supporter of the White House’s Data Driven Justice Initiative. Mercy Loan Fund hit a major milestone. VEDC shows support for small businesses in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York through their National African American Small Business Loan Fund.

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Miti Sathe / June 8, 2016 / Voices

I never knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, until I became one. So when I started my company in the kid’s food business, I knew I would face numerous obstacles.

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