Nurturing Healthy Food Financing

  • OFN helps CDFIs bring healthy foods to underserved,

  • economically distressed urban or rural areas.

A staggering 24.6 million Americans (8% of the U.S. population) live in “food deserts,” underserved, economically distressed urban or rural areas that lack grocery stores or easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables. As a result, these communities have increased rates of obesity, diabetes, and other public health challenges.

Our work in this sector intensified in 2010, when, supported by the CDFI Fund’s Capacity Building Initiative, we offered training for CDFIs to successfully finance food-related businesses—from production, to distribution, to retail. These materials are available free of charge on the CDFI Fund Resource Bank.

Today, through ongoing capacity building efforts, we continue to nurture the healthy food financing sector and to grow the number of CDFIs engaged in healthy food financing.

Healthy Food Financing Resources

Below is an archive of recent Nurturing Healthy Food Financing webinars, supported by MetLife Foundation and Capital One. Enjoy the video and download materials for each webinar.

Intro to Healthy Food Financing

Healthy Food Production

Healthy Food Retail