OFN 2021 Board Elections

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OFN Board members are passionate about OFN’s core mission, committed to our core values of justice and excellence, and determined to lead the opportunity finance industry in exciting, innovative new directions. Serving on the Board is a unique opportunity to help set the path for the opportunity finance industry’s future.

By requiring that two-thirds of the Board be elected by OFN membership, OFN ensures that diverse perspectives and voices guide the industry.

In 2021, OFN Members will cast votes to fill five seats up for re-election on OFN’s Board of Directors. 

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Board Elections Timeline

  • Nominations Open: July 1, 2021

  • Nominations Close: July 30, 2021 (11:59 PM nominator’s time zone)

  • Campaign Begins: September 13, 2021 (view board candidate profiles)

  • Election Day: October 21, 2021, during the OFN Membership Meeting at OFN's 2021 Virtual Conference


Board Candidate Criteria

Prospective Board candidates must be on the staff or Board of an OFN member organization and receive nominations from at least two different OFN members to qualify as a candidate.

OFN expects Board members to attend all Board meetings. The Board meets in person four times a year—usually three times in Washington D.C. and once, briefly, at the Annual Conference. Additionally, Board Members participate on at least one—and often two—committees. Each committee meets regularly on a schedule it sets.

OFN seeks a Board with ethnic, racial, and gender diversity that reflects our members' range of financing types and geographic reach. See our current Board Composition Matrix and Comparison Chart (links to the Matrix and Chart will be provided soon) with demographic information about OFN’s current Board Members and the member organizations represented on the Board.


To nominate a candidate for the OFN Board, please complete this form.

Nominees for the OFN Board must be on the Board or staff of an OFN member organization and receive nominations from at least two OFN member CDFIs to qualify as a candidate.

Read our Candidate Profile for more information about what criteria the OFN Board seeks in Board Members. See our current Board Composition Matrix and Comparison Chart (links to the Matrix and Chart will be provided soon) with demographic information about OFN’s current Board Members and the member organizations represented on the Board.

Email OFN's Executive Vice President for Membership Seth Julyan with questions.



Cast your vote on October 21 at OFN's Annual Membership Meeting during the OFN 2021 Conference!

Proxy Voting

OFN members who will not be attending the Conference can direct their proxy vote to Seth Julyan, Executive Vice President of Membership. Read our Proxy Voting Process for more information, or email Seth.

Voting Delegates

In accordance with our by-laws, OFN asks members to identify their CDFI's Voting Delegate in advance of the Conference. The Voting Delegate is responsible for attending the Annual Membership Meeting and casting their vote on behalf of the member organization.

Stay tuned for more information about identifying your organization’s Voting Delegate!

About the OFN Board 

OFN’s bylaws require that the Board of Directors consists of at least 9 and no more than 16 Directors. The OFN membership must elect at least two-thirds of the Directors. The Board may appoint up to one-third of the Directors. Currently, OFN has 13 Directors on its Board—11 elected, 2 appointed. Directors’ terms are limited to 2 consecutive 3-year terms, exclusive of partial terms.

The OFN Board appoints a Governance & Nominating Committee to oversee the election process. The Governance Committee is charged with recommending Board size and composition, prospective Board Member criteria, and identifying, recruiting, and recommending a slate of candidates each fall at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Each member CDFI must identify a Voting Delegate to attend the Annual Membership Meeting and complete the ballot on behalf of her or his organization. A voting quorum comprises one-third of the members. Members who do not attend the Annual Meeting may vote by proxy.

Each member may vote for candidates up to the number of vacant seats, with a maximum of 1 vote per candidate. The candidates who receive the most votes win.

The Governance & Nominating Committee announces the results of the election shortly after the election in person at the Conference and via email and social media communication outlets.