• Our programs help CDFIs increase their impact

  • and bring opportunity to low-income, disinvested communities.


OFN's programs help CDFIs and other opportunity finance industry stakeholders create opportunities for people and communities in rural, urban, suburban, and Native areas nationwide.

Frequently designed in collaboration with OFN partners, our programs address issues that hold many American people, neighborhoods, and communities back from full financial health and well-being.

With our work in small business financing, consumer financial products and services, CDFI talent development and more, we’re helping our members, partners, and other opportunity investors deliver lasting change where it's needed most.

Current Programs

COVID-19 CDFI Grant Program is an effort to provide crucial flexible funds to the smaller CDFIs in OFN’s membership.  These funds are intended to help smaller CDFIs withstand the COVID-19 crisis.

Executive Training for CDFI Board Members was founded on an understanding of the unprecedented challenges that CDFI board members face in a rapidly changing environment. Good governance requires high-performing board leadership.

Fundamentals of the Opportunity Finance Industry is a course designed for practitioners who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the basics of the opportunity finance industry which provides financing and financial services to low-income, low-wealth, and other disinvested communities. Grant Program is an initiative to provide critically needed funds to CDFIs lending to entrepreneurs in the most financially underserved communities across the U.S. This equity capital will enable CDFIs to offer lower cost, more flexible loan products and build capacity to support both the short-term recovery and long-term financing needs of America’s small businesses, including nonprofits.

Grow with Google Small Business Fund was created to help local businesses—especially those in distressed communities—survive the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. The Fund allows community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to support both the short-term recovery and long-term financing needs of America’s small businesses.

Landit for CDFI Women provides members with a personalized playbook with the tools, resources, know-how, and human connections they need to more successfully own and navigate their career path.

Native CDFI Awards honor and support Native CDFIs creating opportunities and promoting self-sovereignty measures as well as strategies that advance local efforts for community asset building within their tribal communities.

Renewable and Energy Efficiency Financing Grant Program is a four-year partnership between Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) and an anonymous donor. Between 2019-2022, OFN is providing up to a total of $5.25 million in grants to OFN members focused on renewable and energy efficiency financing.

Small CDFI Unrestricted Grant Program focuses on providing crucial flexible funds to the smaller CDFIs in OFN’s membership. These funds are intended to help smaller CDFIs withstand the COVID-19 crisis.

Uplift America Fund is a new kind of partnership that leverages federal resources, bank financing and private grants to target much-needed capital to persistently low-wealth areas.

Wells Fargo Diverse Community Capital funds are intended to be utilized by CDFIs to lend to diverse small business owners, support initiatives that increase access to capital and resources (such as technical assistance, marketing, outreach), and help more diverse small business owners get the coaching and education resources they may need.

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